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Ivy and Selina "rob" a house. Ivy's agenda is to punish people who hurt plants while Selina robs. Ivy doesn't care about the money. The guy dies.

Jim and Lucius go to the crime scene and Jim learns that Selina may be involved. Lucius calls Bruce.

Back at Ivy's place, Selina is freaking out about killing the guy. She leaves and Ivy visits Bruce.

Ivy kisses Brue and he falls under her spell to tell her about Project M.

At Arkham, Penguin is getting his slop when Jerome throws a Joker card at him. He comes over, sits and starts talking.

Back at Wayne Manor, Ivy injects Bruce with poison then leaves.

Bruce slips into a hallucination with Ra's al Ghul. What a weird sequence. He slices off Bruce's face. 

Jim visits Babs. Sofia Falcone is there. 

Jerome wants Penguin to make him laugh. Penguin refuses and Jerome's people attack him and dress him up like a clown. He doesn't comply and gets beat up.

Jim finds Selina. Ivy finds Lucius in the morgue where he's analyzing the guy's body. She wants to know about Project M and uses her hypnotic devices on him.

Bruce is still hallucinating. He goes to a costume party with all the folks from Gotham. It's very bizarre but very fun. Bullock has a rooster? WEIRD!

Jim gets back to the station and everyone has been affected by Ivy's potion.

Nygma visits Penguin. He's there to taunt him but leaves him a message on a paper after he leaves. It's from The Riddler.

Jim goes in the morgue and finds a tape of what happened but the other cops come in to stop them from leaving before they have a chance to leave, but they are able to escape.

Penguin and Jerome continue playing games. BORING.

Back to Jim's hallucination. Alfred is a secret agent and saves Bruce.

Lucius takes ivy to see Project M aka Lazarus wine.

Superhero Alfred takes Bruce to where his parents were killed and he meets Batman.

Jim finds Ivy and Lucius. She tells Jim about Bruce and tells him if he lets her go, she'll give him the antidote to save Bruce. Ivy escapes, Jim punches Lucius and they save Bruce but not before Batman merges with him in his mind.

Bruce calls Alfred for help. Jim returns to the station. They all know what happened to them. He orders them to find Ivy. He gets a call from Sofia who tells him she's going to hurt him and it turns out that she's meeting with Lee.

Back to boring Jerome and Penguin. 

Ivy creates a more deadly poison with the Lazarus juice.







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Gotham Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Jim: I'm looking for Selina.
Babs: Haven't seen her. She's more of an alley cat than a house cat.

Ivy: I'm here to speak to those who can't speak for themselves, Bruce. I'm here to speak for the plants.
Bruce: Okay. My head hurts. Please get out.