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Bullock is back in the office. Jim wants him to stop taking Penguin's money. A load of pig head's arrives at the GCPD. He's the only one who doesn't get a pig's head.

Bruce is at a cocktail party or hosting one. Bruce is angry and he and Alfred have a confrontation.

Penguin is in the office. Headhunter is the new right hand man while Zsasz is visiting someone. He wants to help with Pyg. Jim doesn't want his help.

Jim and Bullock have a falling out. Jim says he'll find Pyg by himself. Three cops went missing in the Narrows.

Barbara tells Tabitha and Selina they are shutting up shop. Selina has a plan and shares it with Tabitha who isn't interested in ripping off Gotham's biggest motorcycle gang.

Bullock and friends end up in the Narrows looking for Pyg. There's a showdown between the cops and Headhunter but it calms down when the woman tells Headhunter what he needs to know. Jim is still not happy.

Grace, a friend from high school, visits with Bruce at the fundraiser and tells him she's bored and can they do something not boring.

Selina steals from the bikers and the bikers kill a guy while Selina watches from a hiding place.

Jim is in the ambulance with a cop who tells him what he knows. Jim tries to give the cop a pep talk. He wants the cop to help him. 

Grace introduces Bruce to some friends. bruce has anger issues with these kids and attacks one of them for him saying something about Alfred, but it's only a dream.

It's Jim against the GCPD when he arrives at the courthouse and Penguin shows up with his army and Bullock. Jim is not happy. It's Jim against the world right now.

Pyg calls Jim and warns him away from going into the courthouse. 

Bruce and friends are at a club. Bruce buys the place and is a real jerk and won't let one of the guy sin.

Jim learns that Fazzoli is dead and believes the courthouse is a trap. He and Penguin go at each other. Then Harvey and Jim go after each other about whether or not to go into the courthouse. Harvey orders Jim to stand down.

Tabitha tries to rescue Selina from the biker place. Then Barbara shows up and starts shooting at them. The three of them work together. They decide to work together again. Stealing money will help them with their shipments. It was awesome. 

The cops go into the courthouse and just as Jim predicted, it was a setup. They're pinned down, but Jim comes in and saves the day.

Gordon is questioned by the news media and he sends a warning to the Pyg. He's actually gained some respect from some of the cops.

Penguin kills Headhunter. 

Bruce gets his groove on with Grace and his new friends. And they drink champagne and really lets loose. He's having a breakdown.

Jim has converted some of the cops to not accept licenses and Bullock is not happy with Jim for being the hero.




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