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Professor Pyg dressed as a priest kills a group of homeless people and dissects them.

Jim talks to Bullock about Jim not killing Penguin in Gotham's first season.

Penguin visits Sofia to talk about Gordon being made Captain. He decides he wants Martin to be his spy.

Sofia calls Jim to tell him Penguin is suspicious.

Pyg calls Jim and tells him he's outside and when Jim gets there he finds a display of two dead people, one of which is being eaten by a pig.

Bruce comes into the kitchen with a hangover. Alfred demands that they go "for a walk" to honor the yearly camping trip Bruce used to take with Thomas Wayne.

Lucius tells Jim that the dead people's organs were removed and he goes to the Narrows to investigate.

Jim and Harper find Pyg's hideout. Pyg takes Harper hostage and takes off in a van.

Penguin talks with Martin about Sofia. He wants Martin to be a spy.

Pyg is the chef at Sofia's party. He made Gotham pies filled with dead people.

Bruce and Alfred are camping. Alfred tells Bruce how he met Thomas Wayne. Bruce takes off with the car.

Pyg interrupts Sofia's dinner. Jim is knocked out and put into a room with Harper.

Pyg tells all the guests they are going to eat people pies. Right before that he sings for the guests until Sofia interrupts him. Penguin challenges Pyg and Pyg threatens to kill Martin if they don't eat the pies.

While everyone starts eating their pies Jim starts to escape from the room. Pyg is going on and on while people are barfing as they eat. Jim comes into the dining room just in time and plays superhero in an awesome sequence with Pyg where he avoids getting chopped up by Pyg and his knives. Jim wins and arrests Pyg.

Alfred ruins Bruce's party. He's not happy and kicks everyone out but Bruce challenges him and tells his friend's to stay, but they leave anyway. Bruce is being a brat and then INSULTS Alfred by telling him to clean up the mess he and his friends made. Ugh.

Jim talks with Sofia and they kiss tho Jim pulls away. Martin gives Penguin the lowdown on what happened between Sofia and Jim.



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Gotham Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

You want to be a hero. Gotham doesn't need heroes. It needs people who will do what's necessary.


Despite appearances, I'm not an animal.