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Bruce opens the case with the Batsuit for the first time in forever and throws the mask into the fire.

Ivy goes to Harvey's bar and leaves a message of death. What is her motivation?

Sofia tells Lee she wants tax from the Narrows. Wow. She's being a bitch, isn't she?

Bruce meets Alfred in the Narrows to ask for help, but Alfred isn't interested.

Nygma is being tortured by The Riddler. He opens a letter from Oswald who tells him he wants to be friends.

Lucius is at the bar investigating the crime scene. Gordon shows up and Lucius gives him the lowdown, but all he cares about is Bullock. Bullock killed Ivy's father. They find him alive in his apartment. Gordon gives him the lowdown on what happened. 

Everyone's attention turns to the television for a special report. It's a tape from Ivy. She's threatening Gotham.

Bullock tells Jim he's going to find her alone. He doesn't want any help and won't take back the badge.

Lee tells Ed about her meeting with Sofia. Ed sends a group of Narrows kids to find out why Sofia wants to destroy Lee.

Selina finds Jim at Ivy's last hangout. She thinks she can help and reason with Ivy.  Jim warns her to stay away. Bullock calls Gordon with a Lee. Sure enough, they find Ivy. Harvey has already been infected and tells Jim to drop his weapon.

Ed is being harassed by The Riddler even worse than before. Ed is fighting him because Riddler wants to kill Lee. 

Gordon drops his gun. Ivy tells Bullock to kill Jim then himself. Gordon tries to talk Bullock out of his hypnotism and tricks him. He gets away. Bullock talks about his anger with Gordon.

Bruce tries to talk to Selina. She figures out that Alfred doesn't want to have anything to hear from him. She doesn't want to hear his problems either. Poor Bruce can't catch a break.

Ed tells Lee that Sofia and Jim were having an affair. He found this out from the spies. Lee tells Ed she'll do anything to protect the people in the Narrows.

Bullock snaps out of his spell and head back to the GCPD. Bullock is going to stay a the station. Jim is headed toward the field. Harvey is starting to come to his senses. 

Ivy is going to target a high society dinner. Bruce is there talking at the Wayne Foundation dinner when Alfred shows up. It takes Bruce by surprise, and he can't talk then he gathers himself and makes his own speech talking about Alfred and what he means to him. It's very touching. Afterwards, he goes to Alfred who thanks him for the speech. 

Alfred won't help him until he figures out who he really is. Then Bruce gets mad and walks away.

And guess who shows up? Ivy Pepper who locks them all in. What's Alfred going to do?

Ed is going to kill himself so that he'll be free from The Riddler who is fighting him and trying to convince him to not do it.

Gordon shows up as Bruce is walking out. Ivy kills someone. Alfred tries to save the day but gets knocked out. Gordon and team barge in and she orders her men to kill everyone. A shootout ensues. Bruce watches from behind a curtain. Alfrd is about to get killed when Bruce comes in a mask. Alfred tells him to save people. This is who you are. Whatever. Cheesy.

Gordon confronts Bruce and chases him down even though Jim has no idea who he is. He gets to the roof and Bruce is gone.

Ivy gets back to her hideout. Selina is there. She tries to convince Ivy to stop what she's doing. Selina uses her whip and they go at it. Selina has the Lazarus juice and it makes Ivy nervous. Ivy is upset that Selina is siding with "all the people who hurt us." Selina holds a knife to Ivy but drops it. Ivy lets her go and leaves with a warning.

Sofia visits Lee in the Narrows with an offer. Lee offers her Jim Gordon. She's going to spill his sins instead of the money. Sofia kills all of Lee's men. Lee learns that her people planted the guns. The black guy from before is going to take over the Narrows. Sofia punishes Lee by breaking her hand with a hammer. WOW.

Gordon gets a call and goes to the hospital where Lee is. Jim knows it was Sofia. 

Ed goes to Arkham to admit himself. Oswald shows up. He got tricked by Riddler. Oswald wants The Riddler back. Ed tries to fight it but loses. The Riddler is back. WTF?

Alfred is tending to Bruce who says he's going to become Batman basically. Again. Alfred is home. 

Bullock is at the station waiting for Jim. Jim asks Bullock for help. He tells him about Sofia and Pyg. Then he promises to take her down.




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Gotham Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

I'm giving the city back to the plants starting with those who hurt me. So, if that's you, your time is coming.


Alfred: Bruce, what is it that you want from me?
Bruce: Help. Figuring this out. I can't do it alone. Alfred, I need your help.
Alfred: No.