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Mr. Freeze and Jervis take the interim mayor and his minions to see Jerome and his minions including Penguin.

They use the Joker venom on them.

It's Bruce's birthday and Alfred gives him a present in the garage. It's a car. A bullet-proof car.

Jim tells Bullock about the mayor and commissioner being kidnapped by Jerome. Oswald calls Jim t talk. He meets him at the GCPD. He wants Jerome stopped and he tells Jim about the Joker venom.

Jerome takes over the Gotham Music Festival and calls for Jim Gordon otherwise he's going to blow up his hostages.

Babs shows a few gang members who's boss. Her ladies of the League kill them much to Tabitha's chagrin because she felt she could have taken care of them herself. She is not happy about the situation.

An ice bomb goes off in a lab and takes it over. They want them to make the Joker venom -- laughing gas -- enough to douse the whole city.

Jim shows up at the Music Festival. The two empty chairs on stage are for Jeremiah and Bruce. Jerome won't let Jim take Bruce's place. To show he means business he takes out the commissioner - blows of his head.

Selina shows up at Bruce's birthday party for cake. Jim and Lucius crash the party to tell him about Jerome. Alfred isn't happy. Lucius and Jim tell him they have a plan as Jerome blows up someone else.

Bruce agrees to help. Jim details the plan and off they go.

The League lady shows Babs a room with a door that sets her hand glowing. It opens when she touches it.  Inside there's a painting of Babs. All the women bow to Babs -- except for Tabitha. She still doesn't like it and League Lady didn't let her into the room. She's not part of the in crowd anymore.

Jim visits with Jeremiah to ask him to tell him the plan. Jeremiah isn't too thrilled. Bruce convinces Jeremiah to help out.

Bullock calls Jim and tells him about the lab break-in. Bullock and a few cops head to the lab. People have gone insane.

Jim gets back to the Musical Festival with Jeremiah and Bruce. The two head to the stage and Jim starts to put his plan into action, but it's thwarted by Jerome's men.

Scarecrow, Jervis and Penguin show up at the airport. They're going to take over a plane to drop the toxin on Gotham.

Penguin figures out the plan and Scarecrow knows Penguin went to Gordon and they knock him out.

Babs is telling stories about Ra's. Tabitha thinks he was a cult leader. It's all gone to Babs' head right now and she and Tabitha argue. She has the ladies of the league escort Tabitha out so they can show her some lessons.

Jerome tells the crowd about his brother and the differences in their lives and how they grew up.He's buying time until the plane gets there.

Jerome frees Jeremiah and gives him a knife and tells Jeremiah to come at him. When he does, Jerome knocks him out.

Jim figures out the plan and evacuates the festival. Meanwhile, on stage Jerome is beating up his brother. The GCPD start to take over and shoot Jerome in the shoulder. Bruce takes on Firefly.  Before everyone can escape the blimp shows up ready to drop the laughing gas.

Penguin is tied up with the laughing gas in the blimp. He tries to beat up the pilot but the pilot pulls a gun on him. Penguin calls Jim to ask for help and Jim tells him he needs to take over the blimp and fly it over the harbor.

Jim is on the roof with Jerome. He doesn't let Jerome call the pilot and shoots him. He falls off the roof. Penguin takes on the pilot and knocks him out. He starts moving the blimp away from the festival. He's acting like a fool.

Jerome doesn't fall off the roof. He's caught by a pole. Will Jim let Jerome live or die? He offers his hand but Jerome takes it and gives Jim a lecture then he loses his grip and falls to his death.

Jeremiah sees his dead brother. He seems a little upset and leaves. Bruce tells him that he wants Wayne Enterprises to fund his work with a grant. Jeremiah leaves.

Penguin calls Jim to tell him he needs help. Jim tells him he'll get help and thanks him for his service.

The League Lady throws Tabitha out and wants her out of the city. She gets into a fight with them. Tabitha is not able to take them down. She's given a warning. Someone is watching from a car and after the League ladies leave he approaches her and offers her help. These guys serve Ra's al Ghul and tell her that Babs is an imposter. Death is only an illusion.

Jeremiah goes back to his maze house and has a drink.When he turns around there is a gift waiting for him on his desk.  It says it's from Wayne Enterprises. he opens it and it's a Jack int he Box. When he opens it he gets sprayed with the Joker Venom. And Wallah. We have the new Joker. It comes with a message from Jerome. A special mixture of toxin just for Jeremiah.



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Gotham Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

He scares the living hell out of me.


It's time to give this city the boost it needs. It's time to stop taking ourselves so seriously. I mean, c'mon, Gotham. What do you have to lose? Except your sanity?