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Barbara meets with Lady Shadow who isn't convinced Barbara is the Demon's head.

Bruce takes Selina for a ride in his new car to meet with Tabitha. She tells her what's going on with Barbara. The new guys want Bruce to bring Ra's al Ghul back. They use Bruce's blood to bring him back. Bruce is having a cow and they knock him out.

Ra's al Ghul rises. Seriously, wtf.

Bullock and Gordon talk about some bank robberies happening. They think it's Riddler. Jim is going to talk to Lee.

Lee and Riddler talk about their scores. They are going to use the money to buy stuff for the people of the Narrows. They talk about their next robbery when Ed and Butch show up and want to be included.

Ra's al Ghul isn't thrilled about being brought back to life. He tells Tabitha that Barbara must give back the Demon's Head or he'll kill her and rip it from her corpse.

Ra's confronts Babs about the Demon's Head. He's disappointed in her. She wants to rule Gotham. Lady Shadow is killed by Ra's. Bruce and Tabitha save Babs from Ra's in his batmobile.

Jim finds Lee in the arena. He asks about Riddler. Lee lies. She tells Jim off. Her men escort him out.

Babs goes off on Tabitha. They're in Wayne Manor. Babs wants to kill Ra's. Alfred and Bruce come up with a plan. They need to get the sword back so Bruce can kill Ra's.

Alfred and Tabitha work together and Selina grabs the sword. It's hilarious.

Riddler has a conversation in Ed in a mirror. He's being called out for being in love with Lee.

Selina has the knife. Babs wants it, so does Bruce. Selina goes with the girls in the Batmobile.

Riddler talks to Penguin about Lee using him. He wants Penguin to help him drown Ed.

Babs is with the Lady League and makes Selina choose. She leaves. Babs summons Ra's with the Demon's Head.

Alfred tries to comfort Bruce. He's upset with Selina then she shows up. She explains herself.

Jim is questioning a bank manager about the robberies.

Lee and Riddler break into a bank but is betrayed by Riddler. Penguin and Butch show up.

Ra's and his men show up at the nightclub.Barbara stabs Ra's but the knife does nothing. So she fights a zombie. I mean really? Bruce shows up and tries to take over but they stop him. Then Ra's stabs Babs with the knife as everyone watches. She uses the demon's head to see the future and takes Ra's down.

Ra's takes a knife to Tabitha. Babs has to choose. The first time she chooses the Demon's Head and Tabitha dies. The second time around she gives up the Demon's Head to save Tabitha.

Ra's takes the Demon's Head from Babs.

Bruce tells Ra's to give him the knife so he can kill him but Ra's breaks the knife in half saying it's not his time to die yet.

Penguin takes all the money out of the vault and is going to set up Lee but Riddler just betrayed Penguin for Lee. He does it because Penguin tried to come between Lee and him. LOVE it. The smug look on Lee's face is worth every ridiculous moment this hour.

Lee and Riddler get deep. He believes she'll come to his side eventually and fall in love with him. She tells Penguin to take the money and she'll deal with Jim. They're a couple now. They kiss and it's sort of awesome.

Lee shows herself to Jim and he arrests her.

Babs is cleaning up the nightclub. The Lady shadows tell Babs she's worthy and will follow her. She still has her own army.

Bruce and Selina are about to kiss when Ra's shows up. 

Ra's has a vision. There's going to be an earthquake and Ra's is going to forge Bruce into a Dark Knight.






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Gotham Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Riddler: What am I to you?
Lee: A friend. A partner.
Riddler: Are you always this amorous with your friends. I mean that only happened once.

You don't have a covert mode on this thing?