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The news is reporting on the explosion. Lucius tells Harvey that it doesn't look good for Jim. He talks to the rest of the police officers and starts barking orders.

Jeremiah shows up outside the GCPD. He's freaky deaky with his army of Jerome followers. He tells them about the bombs he's planted around the city.

He blows up a building just to prove his point that he's serious about destroying Gotham. Bullock has six hours to evacuate Gotham.

Penguin goes to the Sirens to talk to Barbara and Tabitha to try to come up with a plan to take down Jeremiah. Penguin tells Tabby about Butch and that convinces them to work with Penguin.

Bullock tells the mayor about having to evacuate the city.

Bruce is at the police station inquiring about Jim. Bullock learns that Wayne Enterprises built the bombs, and he's not happy. He tells Bruce to go home and be with Alfred. Bruce gets a call from Alfred. It's Jeremiah. He gives Bruce orders or he's going to kill Alfred.

Jim is in a hospital bed, but not in the hospital. He's in Lee's hospital in the Narrows. Ed found Jim and his people brought him to the hospital.

Lee tells him what's going on. Jim can't go anywhere because she gave him some drugs. She tells him to go into his jacket and pulls out plans. She takes them. 

Bruce meets up with Selina to help him find Alfred in the building Jerome told him to go to.

A TV blares ith Alfred's image when Bruce enters the warehouse. Alfred is getting beat up.

Lee is talking to Ed about using the plans to solve what Jeremiah is going to do to use it to their advantage. Ed is suspicious of Lee's motive. She wants to protect the Narrows. Ed agrees to her plan.

Penguin and gang show up at the warehouse. They have demands. Jeremiah has other plans and shoots a bazooka at them.

Now Jeremiah is pissed and is going to blow up the city now and not give them six hours to evacuate and orders his men to kill Penguin and friends.

Bruce is still looking for Alfred who is being tortured which he sees on several screens. Scarecrow is giving Alfred something to make him crazy.

Jim is brought to Ed and he tells him that he's with Lee now. Jim doesn't believe he and Lee are together. He only wants to help save the city.

They look at the plans from Jeremiah's lab to try to figure out what Jeremiah is up to. Riddler figured out which buildings Jeremiah plans on destroying.

Ed won't let Jim go to the GCPD. He wants to go directly to the mayor with the information. Jim tricks Ed and punches him out to escape.

There's a shootout between Penguin and gang and Jeremiah's people. Butch is not happy, but they escape. Penguin calls Bullock to tell him that Jeremiah is going to blow the city up before the six hours is over.

Gordon gets to the GCPD. Bullock is excited to see him.

Selina is in the warehouse and hears Bruce calling for Alfred. Scarecrow finds her and she fights with the bodyguards.

Gas is being filtered into the hallway where Bruce is which is driving him crazy. He escapes into a doorway and finds Alfred who slices open his face while Bruce watches. WTF.

Alfred tries to kill Bruce who can't get through to him. Selina sees it all on the security guard's televisions. There's a banging at the door that gets Selina's attention and a body falls out. 

Bruce tries to convince Alfred to stop but Alfred is shot in the head and dies. Bruce freaks out but Selina comes in to tell Bruce that he was being influenced by Scarecrow's gas.  Alfred is alive and well. He was the guy that fell out of the closet.

Bullock finds one of the bombs and gets instructions via phone from Lucius on how to deactivate it when the bomb starts up.

Jeremiah shows up somewhere else where there is a bunch of his minions. He gives a speech to them about being free. Jeremiah is about to press the detonator on one of the bombs when Jim shows up on TV to prove to his followers that Jim is still alive.

Bullock disarms the bomb. Jeremiah looks like a fool in front of his followers. They want to leave and he's not hapy so he locks them in and burns them all to death.

Penguin and gang are back at the Sirens. Babs wants him to leave and calls for Butch but he refuses to leave.

Jeremiah is in a room trying to figure out how he got figured out when Ra's al Ghul shows up. He wants to work with Jeremiah.

Jim goes to Lee's office in the Narrows to thank her and present her with an offer. He wants her to leave Gotham. Jim tells her he still cares about her and always will. Ed overhears everything.

The GCPD gives a round of applause to Harvey for saving the city from the bomb. They've forgiven him for his mistakes with Pyg.

Bruce is back at Wayne Manor with Selina and Alfred. Bruce and Selina finally kiss.

Jeremiah shows up and shoots Selina in the stomach. Alfred comes in to fight Jeremiah.





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Gotham Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

I'm so sick of that freaky family.


You may not recognize Jerome's followers as I've given them something of a makeover, but I assure you there as loyal to me as they were to him.More so because I accomplished something Jerome never could -- killing James Gordon.