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Butch gets dumped in Slaughter Swamp.

Bruce is looking for information about the knife. He's still disturbed about Alex's death and attends his memorial service. Jim is there too. Alfred speaks to Jim.

Ra's al Ghul is going to be released. Bruce gets the knife and goes out in his costume.

Barbara visits Ra's at Blackgate. He gives her a supernatural gift through the glass. He says goodbye to her.

Butch rises from the swamp. Hello Solomon Grundy.

Sofia Falcone invites Penguin to lunch.

Ed is at a pharmacy looking for pills to help him with his brain issues. Ed runs into Grundy in an alley. Grundy knocks him out and carries him off.

Alfred tells Jim he thinks Bruce is going to kill Ra's al Ghul. Bruce breaks into Blackgate to confront Ra's who is waiting for him. Bruce can't kill Ra's and Ra's has guards take him below.

Alfred and Jim show up at Blackgate and have to give up all their weapons. 

Ed wakes up and sees Grundy is still there. He's trying to find out what happened to Butch and realizes that Butch has amnesia. He also has his hand back. Grundy won't let Ed go. He wants Ed to be his friend.

Sofia makes lunch plans for Penguin.

Bruce wakes up in the Blackgate basement with Ra's al Ghul. He tells Bruce he wants him to kill him in order to set him free.

Sofia and Penguin have lunch in a Hungarian restaurant. The ghoulash makes him think about his mother. He storms out of the restaurant.

Jim and Alfred take on the fake guards while looking for Bruce. 

Sofia visits Penguin at his club. He's onto her game. 

Bruce kills Ra's al Ghul who then turns to bones. Jim and Alfred come upon the scene. Jim doesn't arrest Bruce. 

Bruce is about to throw his suit in the fire when Alfred comes upon the scene. He won't let Bruce do it. He's going to hold onto the suit until Bruce is ready.

Butch and Ed end up at a fight club and Lee is there...the club's doc.






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Gotham Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

You weak, foolish boy.

Ra's al Ghul

Man talks too much.