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We're in Arabia where a massacre has taken place. A guy brings a dead R'as al Ghul and puts him into the Lazarus Pit.If he finds his air he can be free.

Bruce is on watch in his new batsuit. He's watching the docks where Penguin is bringing stuff in. Selina goes into a truck to steal. Bruce follows her and gets caught. They shoot at him and Selina escapes.

Jim arrives in Florida at Carmine Falcone's estate. He eyes Carmine's daughter and goes to meet Carmine who then introduces him to Sophia. Carmine is dying and isn't interested.

Barbara is disappointed Selina didn't get the knife she wanted from Penguin's shipment. She tries to buy it off of Penguin but fails.

Someone melts Riddler from his ice prison. It's a girl he used to go to grade school with.

Bruce figures out that R'as al Ghul is looking for the knife.

Sophia meets with Jim. She doesn't hold a grudge against him for killing Mario.

Zsasz tells Penguin he doesn't know who took Ed. 

The girl is talking with Ed. She wants to be his sidekick. She realizes there's something wrong with his brain. He can't solve riddles anymore. 

Sophia and Jim are walking on the beach. She asks him if he's ever thought about walking away from Gotham. They kiss.

Bruce and Alfred are getting ready for the auction. Bruce is going to buy the knife. At the auction, he's buying stuff and is quite obnoxious.

Barbara shows up. She bids on the knife. And they go on a bidding war. Bruce wins it for $2 million. 

The girl is back to asking Nygma riddles. He can't even solve the most simplest. He was tricking her and knocks her out. He's perfectly fine now.

Selina is in Bruce's house looking for the knife. Bruce is there and they talk. She thinks he'll hand it over to her. He won't give it to her and she's upset. 

Jim is back at the GCPD. Jim is introduced to Detective Harper. Sophia shows up. She wants to help Jim with Penguin. 

Penguin and Zsasz are at the girl's apartment asking about Ed. She tells them everything she knows and then Zsasz kills her.

Ed is walking in the streets of Gotham. He seems very confused. 

Ra's al Ghul shows up at Barbara's place. She almost brings him down. She shows off her skills, but he gets the upper hand. So Barbara and Ra's al Ghul are lovers.




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Gotham Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Bruce Wayne. Billionaire brat.


I can't remember the last time I just stood still.