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Jim and Bullock visit a guy who sold the RPG and wants to know the name. He has his men attack when Eduardo Dorrance shows up to save the day -- Jim's old friend.

They learn that Nygma bought the RPG. Bullock isn't so sure about Eduardo.

Bruce tells Alfred he can't find Selina. He's worried she's not herself. He doesn't like what Alfred says and goes to find Selina.

Ed is listening to audio tapes of himself and takes notes. The GCPD show up at Ed's place and he denies that he blew up Haven.

He has traps all over and promises to blow up Eduardo unless he gets away. Ed escapes. Jim tries to figure out Ed's puzzle to get him and Eduardo out of their current predicament.

Bruce shows up at Sirens looking for Selina where Barbara is toasting Selina for killing Jeremiah.

An alert goes out for Ed and everyone in Gotham goes crazy trying to find him.

Penguin learns that Ed is the person responsible for Haven and he's torn.

Eduardo asks about Scarecrow. Ed is captured and tied up. The crazies are planning on executing him for killing their dog at Haven. Ed finds it hilarious.

As he's being electrocuted, he has visions of Penguin who tells him he's going to fix him. The stupid hillbillies set themselves on fire and Ed escapes.

Ed shows up at Penguin's place. Harvey and Eduardo go to City Hall to get Ed.

Bruce tries talking to Selina but she tells him off. It's over between them.

Ed wants to know what Oswald did to him. Penguin has no clue what's going on.

Ed escapes as Eduardo and Bullock breach City Hall. Bullock challenges Penguin and wins.

Babs has Nygma and is going to kill him. He tells the story about Strange.

Penguin tells Jim about Ed's plight and that he was framed. 

Ed surprises Strange by getting into a bodybag. He wants to know what Strange did. He's really pissed that he was made to kill all those people in Haven.

Strange admits that a chip was put in his brain so others can control him remotely.

Bullock has a deep talk with Bruce.

Strange resets Ed's chip. Jim shows up at Strange's place. They learn that Eduardo is in control of Nygma. Walker and the government outside want Nygma and have been controlling him.

Eduardo tells Jim that Walker wants him to kill Ed before she'll move forward with a relief plan.

Jim refuses to kill Ed and escapes then orders Ed to find Jim and kill him.

Jeremiah is alive. Ecco has been taking care of him in a secret place. He gets up and goes to a rom where a doctor has created a clone of Martha and Thomas Wayne.



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