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Bruce writes a letter to Alfred.

10 years later Jeremiah and Riddler escape from jail.Oswald is supposed to be released.

Barbara Lee is with Lee and Jim. Jim wants to retire. Mayor isn't happy. Barbara is a CEO.

Bullock goes to a place where he's held at gunpoint and gets a phone call. 

Jim comes to see Bullock in an office who tells him what happened but it's not really what happened. Bullock is lying and Jim know it.

The GCPD are on the hunt for Nygma who is in a basement. No one is there. There's a letter for him from Oswald.

Oswald has a fake eye. He's getting dressed in full Penguin costume. Media is waiting for him outside as he's released from jail.

He gives an exclusive interview to a reporter.

Batman is at the murder scene when Jim and Montoya come in to invesigate.

Batman talks to him but doesn't reveal himself. He leaves through a window.

Penguin is waiting for Jim when he gets in the car. He orders Jim to drive. He takes Jim to the dock. Penguin is fat.

Penguin denies trying to bomb Wayne Tower. Penguin is pissed that Jim put him in jail. 

Jim jumps into the pier to escape Penguin's bullets.

There's a fundraiser at Wayne Tower. Selina shows up. She wants to see Bruce.

Selina sees Ed. Barbara runs into Selina. The mayor is hostage.

Alfred gives a speech. Barbara finds Ed.

Selina knocks him out.

Jim comes in to evacuate hte building and the mayor comes out with Ed.

There's a bunch of C4 under the Gotham city table display.

The bombs will have to be defused.

Bullock is being taken to Blackgate but Jim interferes and Jim learns that Jeremiah is free.

Ed is put in a car with Penguin. They're trying to figure out who's behind it all. 

Someone jumps on the roof and the car crashes. It's Batman.

Alfred and Lucius know about Bruce and Lucius wants to tell Jim but Alfred says no. Penguin and Riddler are tied up for the GCPD.

Barbara is at the club with Barbara Lee when the music goes off. Jeremiah is there. 

Barbara Lee throws asomething at Harley. Jeremia grabs the girl. Jeremiah shoots and kills her.He wants her to deliver a message to Jim.

Jim finds Barbara and she tells him he took their daughter. Jim goes to Ace Chemicals.

Jeremiah says that he was pretending until Bruce came home.

The girl is saved. Batman makes an appearance and knocks Jeremiah out.

Jim tells Bullock about Batman. They're on the roof with he spotlight. Alfred shows up.

Selina is on the roof and Batman is there. She knows he's there.

Penguin and Ed see Batman flying.

Bullock, Jim and Alfred see Batman watching them.





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