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Jim tells Bullock that the boy was attacked by a group called the Sooth Sayers. The boy is worried that his friends will be punished because he escaped. Jim wants to help. Bullock tries to talk him out of it.
Jim is getting a message from the mainland and is ordered to not venture into the badlands.
Jim makes a plan to save  children on the other side of the dark zone.
Bruce visits the witch which seems to be Poison Ivy. She has been taken captive by a group of guys. He wants to talk to her but they won't let him but they finally agree.
There's a party going on at the Sirens when Jim shows up to talk to Barbara.
She's not friendly to him and kicks everyone out. She's bitter he didn't do anything to stop Penguin from killing Tabitha.
He asks Barbara for help with transportation. She lets him use her trucks.
Jim and team heads through the badlands and are promptly attacked. Apparently they arrive in Valeska territory.
Tank has a group building a tunnel to the mainland. 
Jim confronts him and the GCPD surrounds his tiny group of men that came to greet him.
Jim wants the kids being held captive.
Jim goes inside to save the kids. The boy, Gabriel, unlocks all the kids.
Bullock is holding the guys captive but someone is coming up behind them. Jim comes out just in time with the kids.
Jim and Bullock and three kids, including Gabriel are left behind when their truck gets its tire shot out, but they escape.
Bruce talks to Ivy and she tells him about the plants protecting her. He asks for her help to save Selina. They make a deal.
Riddler finds a tied up guy in his bathroom that he apparently brought there for information. Ridller has no clue what's happening.
Jim and Bullock and gang find refuge in a hotel with a candle burning in the window. The two investigate while the kids hide.
Bullock finds a nightmare in the basement. 
Riddler learns that he was searching for the Street Demons base.
Bruce takes Ivy out but Ivy kills all the others. He tells her about Selina being paralyzed.
Bullock found Mother but the boy who tells them about her traps them in a room. They fight Mother, but she escapes.
Riddler takes the guy to the Street Demons' base to find everyone dead. Someone scrawled on the wall that Penguin was here.
Ivy is taking Bruce through a forest to find what they need to cure Selina. If Selina eats the seed it might change her forever.
Bullock and Jim escape and take Gabriel and the kids. Jim hotwires a car but are confronted by Bane's group. Then someone else shows up. It's Valeska's group and they want to fight for who gets Jim.
Bruce gives Selina the seed. She eats the seed and goes into convulsions.
Just as the two groups are about to fight, Barbara comes to save the day. One of the guys was going to shoot Babs and Jim uses his last bullet to shoot the guy.
Barbara joins Jim at the new GCPD safehouse.
OMG. I'm going to die! Jim and Babs working together to save the city. She might want to bring down Penguin and Jim might be against that idea -- but it's the two of them. Now that Tabitha is out of the way and there is no Lee to be found. It's perfect.
Selina walks again. Bruce is the first to see her and she's changed. Her eyes have changed to cat eyes. She's really is Catwoman now.
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Gotham Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Wow. You use your last bullet to save me? Must be love.


Look around, Jim. We're all slowly dying except some of us get to choose how.