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Day 391
The Riddler is alive and listening to music and starts getting ready when the music dies.
he's got a gun.
Penguin has a knife and gun and gets ready for battle.
Bullock has his guns at the ready and takes a drink.
Jim is ready to go too.
But it's not the team you expect. These four are working together!!!
They're on the roof and start battling other bad guys.
Flashback to Day 87
He's telling someone the story of what's happened so far. 
Penguin is mayor again, Barbara owns the Sirens and women's only portion of Gotham. Crane owns a part of Gotham.
Freeze and Firefly are warring in the north. No sightings of Valeska.
Jim is housing a bunch of people and they need help. The government isn't going to help or evacuate. Jim is captain now.
Jim and his people are on their own.
Selina wasn't evacuated from Gotham. The doctor is talking to Bruce and Alfred. She's paralyzed from the gunshot wound.
There are disagreements about food portions at the GCPD. They're running out of food.
Jim tells Bullock and Lucius that they're on their own.
Riddler wakes up on a roof. His hair is long. He's been blacking out.
Bruce joins Jim on the roof and they talk about the situation.
Penguin's man offers Barbara bullets for food.
The Scarecrow and his men attack a police stronghold.
All the lights go out in Gotham. Wayne Manor goes up to backup generator. A nurse come in to tell Bruce and Alfred that people are stealing their medicine.
Jim goes to where the backup generator is at the GCPD. It's the Scarecrow who proceeds to attack him.
Bruce takes on Scarecrow's men who are raiding their supplies.
He goes to the GCPD and tells them he's going to fly supplies in for help.
Selina's surgery was a success, but she's still not ever going to walk again.
When Bruce leaves the medical office a woman tells him Selina needs a witch.
As Penguin's workers are starving and passing out from food, Penguin is enjoying steak which he doesn't like because it's overcooked. He feeds it to the dog.
A chopper enters Gotham's flyzone and everyone hears it including Penguin and Barbara. The chopper gets shot down and Jim takes some men to move in to get the supplies.
Bruce is gone and jim puts Alfred in charge.
The chopper is being raided when Penguin shows up to take over. The Low Boys are willing to fight but Penguin's men kills them all. Then the GCPD show up.
Bruce is there too and sneaking around.
Babs and Tabitha show up and kill Penguin's men. Tabitha takes Penguin hostage. She intends on killing him, but her gun misfires which Penguin finds hilarious. Penguin then stabs Tabitha as Barbara screams.
Barbara goes off and starts shooting in rage over Tabitha's death. A shootout ensues but Jim and Bullock are out of ammunition.
Bruce is out back fighting and opens the Riddler's truck to find ammunition.
Penguin shoots Barbara while Bruce gives ammunition to Bullock and Jim.
Penguin wants to work with Barbara and move past the Butch/Tabitha era. Barbara has no interest in working with Penguin. Jim tries to make a deal with Penguin to let Barbara go.
Jim shoots Penguin in the knee and takes the supplies.
Bullock wanted Jim to kill Penguin.
A woman breaks into Jim's office and looks at her map. Jim is getting a call from the CB telling him he has allies across the river who will help him. The woman is gone.
When he turns around there are scribbles on his map. Jerome is back -- or at least his people.
Penguin finds himself in another dumpster. He doesn't understand what's happening to him.
Barbara says goodbye to Tabitha and promises that she will kill Penguin.
Penguin is getting worked on and tells his people he will reward whoever kills Jim Gordon.
Selina tries to kill herself but she's stopped before it's too late and given a sedative. The nurse comes in again and tells Bruce to find the witch to cure Selina.
Jim gives a speech to his men about hope.
He's going to help the people the little boy tells him about.
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I swear to God, I'm never paying taxes again.


If you don't like the rules, leave.