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Instead of kidnapping Layla, Briggs steals her purse. He takes her phone and finds Colby's number.

Mike takes some pills and gets a phone call. The team is eating breakfast while Briggs tries to triangulate Colby's location based on his cell phone number. Mike informs the team Sid Markham is dead. Mike decides to close Carlito's case. Johnny is furious.

Amber and Charlie begin searching for Reggie. Charlie tells the team to provide support if needed, but to stay back otherwise.

An airplane drops a shipment of Carlito's drugs. The FBI arrives and opens fire on Carlito's men. Paige and Mike open the crate. Instead of drugs they find chickens.

Mike is in a trance like state when he sees the birds. One of Carlito's men opens fire on Mike. Paige screams for him to get down, but Mike doesn't move. Paige shoots the drug dealer and saves Mike's life.

Briggs finds Colby in a trailer park. Colby was the agent previous assigned to Ari's case. Colby doesn't have cancer. He quit because Ari forced him to chain a man to his car and drag him to his death. Colby agrees to help Briggs with his plan.

Amber and Charlie can't find Reggie. Charlie is ready to shut the operation down, but Amber tells her about a doctor dealing drugs in Havana who is connected to Reggie. Charlie believes she can track the doctor down.

Paige gives Mike the form to close the Carlito case. She wants to discuss what happened, but Mike brushes her off.

Mike meets Colby and agrees to help Briggs with his plan.

Jakes follows Johnny to a marina. Johnny is on a boat filled with Carlito's missing drugs. He warned Carlito about the FBI. Johnny confesses to Jakes that Carlito knows everything and will kill Lucia. Jakes agrees to help deliver the drugs to Mexico.

Paige and Briggs argue. Briggs wants her out of the house for what she did to Charlie. Paige refuses to leave , but tells him she's worried about Mike. Briggs agrees to talk to Mike.

Mike scores some Vicodin, but gets into a fight with a dealer. The dealer is ripping Mike off and they argue. 

Ari asks Briggs to look into Layla's attack. Briggs agrees and offers to take Ari to a bar later. 

Johnny confesses to Jakes he killed Sid. He never loses sleep over taking a life, if it's necessary, but Sid's death is bothering him. It felt like an execution.

Charlie and Amber find the Havana doctor at a coffee shop. The doctor doesn't know who Reggie is and Amber spooks him when she presses for information. Charlie is furious and decides to end the operation.

A trooper arrests Charlie and Amber for hassling the doctor. The trooper brings them to a house instead of the police station. He's working with the doctor.

The trooper and his partners threaten to kill to kill Amber and Charlie unless they tell them who Reggie is. Just as he's about to shoot them, Reggie appears. He recognizes Amber. Except his name isn't Reggie-- it's Rodney. 

Briggs is worried about Mike. He tells Mike he touched the "other world". Briggs believes Mike was given answers. Mike agrees, but he doesn't know the questions.

Mike tells Briggs what he saw after he died. He was at the foothills of the ​Adirondacks. He saw a tree line and was running towards it when a flock of red birds took off. Mike didn't have to count the birds. He knew there was 47.

When he arrived at the tree line there was a tunnel. At the mouth of the tunnel was a grandfather clock which read 10:10. Then Mike saw Briggs and the doctors. He was back. Mike believes the birds and numbers mean something and he was sent back to find out what.

Charlie makes a drug deal with Rodney's crew. She'll sell their drugs for double the money. Charlie has a direct connection to Germaine now.

Briggs and Colby reviews the Ari plan with the Graceland team. Everyone is in.

Briggs and Ari drink at the bar while discussing Layla. Briggs tells Ari to break up with Layla like an adult. Ari considers it. Briggs leaves the bar.

Ari wakes up the next morning in his car, covered in blood. His car is totaled. He calls Briggs and asks for help.

Briggs is at a laundry station when Ari calls. He's visibly pleased Ari asked for help. The plan is working.



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I'm not Briggs.


This is beyond Johnny! This is beyond! It's like you are trying to invent new ways to be incompetent.