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Briggs and Mike discuss the side effects of sarin gas. Briggs wants to notify the Bureau and Homeland Security. Mike refuses and believes he has to see this through. Briggs agrees.

Johnny slept with Hector's Tacos daughter, Jenny. Paige and Charlie are furious, but she's making tacos so they won't kick Jenny out. Jenny believes they are pornographers. Briggs tells her they are CIA agents, but she doesn't believe him.

Mike is suppose to fly out with Charlie, but he can't because of Gusti. Dale offers to go instead.

Clear Line shipping is Ari's domain, but Torros is muscling in. There's a shipment stuck in transit. The middle man wants Ari to get rid of the new hire -- Paige.  

Ari recognizes Paige, but he can't place her. Ari and Briggs threaten Paige. She convinces Torros she has connections with Brazilian customs. She gets the stuck shipment through customs. Torros is impressed.

Mike is visiting Gusti when Johnny busts in with the FBI and arrests them. Gusti tells Mike it's just a shake down and to be quiet.

Ari, Briggs, Torros and Paige meet at the airline hanger. The middle man is furious Paige is staying. He threatens to alert customs. Ari is about to kill him. Briggs burns his face against the airplane, but saves his life.

Charlie and Dale meet with the swamp drug dealers. As Charlie predicted, they don't like Dale's suit and tease him about it.

Mike is suffering withdrawal in prison. He tells Gusti he's on the run from a previous charge. He asks Gusti to tell him if he's involved in anything else.

Mike informs Johnny Gusti isn't budging. He knows it's a shakedown. Mike slips into the bathroom to get high.

Mike visits with Gusti's wife while in lockup. She lost her leg in car accident. Gusti is the only one who didn't treat her differently. He gave her a place to live in exchange for a green card.

Torros is removing Ari from Clear Lines. He wants to work with Paige alone. Briggs isn't comfortable with that and is going to push Ari to stand his ground. Paige wants to listen in with a translator.

Dale tries to make a deal while the drug dealers hunt for an alligator. They want assurances he won't turn on them. One of the drug dealers falls into the water and Dale saves him by shooting the alligator. The drug dealers make a deal with Dale. 

Johnny interrogates Mike. Johnny tries to play Mike and Gusti against each other. Gusti listens in as Mike refuses to turn on him. After they are released, Gusti is convinced he can trust Mike. He tells him about an important call he missed.

Torros, Ari and Briggs discuss Clear Lines. Briggs oversteps and Torros decides to kill him. Paige interrupts to protect Briggs. Briggs and Ari leave.

Torros and Paige start fooling around. Torros likes it rough and Paige breaks his nose punching him. It ruins the mood. Torros goes to the hospital and Paige leaves.

Mike calls Briggs from Gusti's bathroom and leaves a message. He's pieced it together. Gusti made the deal online that Mike found. He sent in a photograph and in return received a prepaid cell phone. The shipment arrived and Gusti put it in his trunk. Gusti doesn't know it's sarin gas. He only knows it's a $50,000 pay out upon delivery. Gusti missed the phone call in prison. Mike is staying by Gusti's side until he receives another call.

Charlie discovers the missing oxy pills. The team knows it is Mike who stole them.

Mike gets high with Gusti's wife on the roof. She smokes the oxy and blows the smoke into Mike's mouth for a contact high.

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Graceland Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

You look you're going to the Grammys or something. These are swamp people. You know that right? Like cray.


Jesus Christ Guy, I'm gonna get you a bicycle. I promise. I always keep my promises.