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Javi is on the way to the hospital.

Alicia tells Danny that she and Oliver broke up.

Santiago snaps on Mateo for going against his instructions to not hurt anyone. 

Flashback to Javi finding out the truth about Gigi and Santiago for the first time. 

A social media influencer is staying at the hotel. 

The doctor tell Alicia and Santiago that Javi is an addict. 

Alicia confronts Ingrid.

Danny finds out that Sky was selling drugs to pay Danny back and that she was dealing to Javi. 

Alicia finds multiple bottles of pills in Javi's drawers. 

Yoli and Carolina go to see their father. 

Malcolm is back at work.

Mrs. P accidentally eats a special cookie that Jason brought for Malcolm and get's high. 

Danny doesn't want to believe that Javi did something to Sky because how it would affect his relationship with Alicia.

The doctor and Santiago want to send Javi to rehab.

Santiago knew that Javi had a drug problem in the past. 

Javi refuses to go to rehab so Santiago locks them up in a room together so he can detox.

Yoli lays into her dad about abandoning her. 

The FBI shows up at the motel looking for Yoli and Carolina's dad.

Mrs. P hires Ingrid back.

Ingrid comes clean to Jason about tricking Javi.

Danny convinces Alicia to give the drugs to him.

Javi tries to trick Santiago so he can leave.

Flashback: Santiago and Javi fight over Gigi while Javi is drunk and Santiago kicks him out, giving him the keys to his car.

Gigi tricks Mrs. P into telling her the truth about Mateo.

Santiago tells Javi he blames himself for Javi's accident because he gave him the keys, knowing he was drunk. 

Alicia apologizes to Ingrid.

Ingrid thinks something is wrong with the baby. 

Ingrid lost the baby. 

Javi agreed to go to rehab.

Yoli and Carolina's dad tricked them. 

Danny and Alicia give in to their feelings for each other. 

Grand Hotel
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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Javi: What are you doing?
Santiago: You don't want to go to rehab? Then you and I will sit in this room until that junk gets out of your system.
Javi: Oh my god. Please put me back under the rubble.
Santiago: Is this funny to you?
Javi: Yeah, it is kind of funny. You're acting crazy. I don't need your help. I can get myself clean.
Santiago: You think you can go without that stuff? Then prove it.

Gigi: You're eating your son's lunch?
Mrs. P: I gave him life; he can at least spare a cookie.