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The CRU Greeks take the drama down to Myrtle Beach in the season finale.

Before they leave for vacation, everyone has some loose ends to tie up. Cappie and Rusty are plotting their big revenge plan on Omega Chi. Cappie is planning to give Casey his lavaliere for her birthday.

Ashleigh has been interviewing for jobs in advertising but hasn't had any luck. Casey is waiting to hear back from law schools, and both she and Cappie are obsessively checking her email to see if she's received any acceptance letters for CRU. She gets into George Washington University, which is amazing, but all the way in D.C.

Omega Chi is planning on taking advantage of the sweet house they scored in their golf match again the KTs. Before they leave for break, they need to think ahead to house elections which will occur right when they get back. Trip is nominated to lead the house, and Grant also nominates Calvin. Evan doesn't think that Calvin is president material.

Dana decides she wants to go to Myrtle Beach last minute. To "save money," she decides to shack up with Rusty. However, all their plans to "save money" in their hotel room, get foiled when Dale fishes for an invite to come along.

As everyone is packing up to get on the bus to the beach, Casey sees the mailperson and accosts her for the mail. She gets a small envelope from CRU, which holds a rejection letter. She doesn't tell Cappie yet, however.

The Omega Chis arrive at the rental house in Myrtle Beach and start to unpack.  A goon comes into the house and threatens the Omega Chis that the house belongs to his boss and they should get the hell out. He shows them his gun, and they hurry out of there. They realize however, that the KTs knew that the house was occupied.

Everyone hits the bars at the beach. Casey bitches to Ashleigh about leaving Cappie, but they promise to have some fun on their last spring break together. Rusty hooked up Dana and Dale with some fake IDs and they're taking full advantage. But as much as Dana and Rusty wish they could get some alone time, Dale is even more sick of being a third wheel! Later on we learn that Dale is depressed about dating his landlady, and secretly dating Laura, and not having a real college girlfriend experience.  

Ashleigh tries to help Rebecca get over Evan by taking on new identities and finding boys with whom to flirt. Ashleigh eyes one, but finds out he's there with a woman named Faith Flowers. When Faith says she's there on business, Ashleigh assumes she's some predator looking for Ashleigh to show her goodies and calls her out. It turns out that Faith Flowers is a fashion trend guru, and a potential future employer!

Freshman ZBZ Abby congratulates Casey on her acceptance to GW. Everyone keeps telling Casey how difficult law school will be, and she starts to really doubt herself. She even starts thinking that it might be a better idea to stay at CRU and serve as a house mother for ZBZ, and simply defer law school.

Cappie wakes up Casey the next morning with a birthday donut. She tells Cappie that she didn't get into CRU, but that she's thinking about deferring law school.

Rebecca tells Ashleigh how much she misses Evan, but she's afraid to tell him the truth because she doesn't want to be rejected. She puts herself on the line, admits she was wrong, and asks for a second chance, and he does, in fact reject her. But it's because he's afraid of looking like a fool again.

Cappie and Casey are doing a tandem bungee jump. She gets scared at the last minute and decides to back down. She rationalizes that fear is an important emotion to prevent you from doing stupid things. And it's painfully clear that they're not talking about bungee jumping, but about her fear of failing at law school.

The Omega Chis spot Rusty paying off the muscle mobster. They conclude that the whole thing was a prank, and that no one is actually staying at the beach house, so they decide to take it back. They arrive to find a raging party, just in time for the cops to arrive. The Omega Chis claim that it's their house, and because there is a donkey (yes, a donkey!), and underage drinking, the Omega Chis are potentially in big trouble. This could be the end of Omega Chi!

Trip tries to bribe the police officer, which only makes matters worse. But Calvin takes the officer aside and seems to magically fix everything. Everyone thinks Calvin is the hero, and all the brothers are looking to support him as the new Omega Chi President, even Evan.

Ashleigh sees Faith Ford on the street and runs after her and gives her an impressive speech about her desire to work for her. And it pays off! Faith offers her an internship in New York! Ashleigh is ecstatic when she shares the news with her best friend. She feels like she owes so much to Casey for making her believe in herself. Now, if only Casey would believe in herself!

Casey knocks on Rusty's door and tells him she got into GW, but she's afraid to go because she thinks she might fail. Rusty tells her about the first line of Peter Pan, "all children, except one, grow up." Even Cappie.

We find out that Calvin was in on the KT master plan for revenge against Omega Chi. All of the extraneous players - the mobster, the cops - were former KTs. And they used Calvin as a confederate to help him gain position in his own fraternity to be elected as president.

Evan decides to swallow his pride and go after Rebecca. They decide to forgive each other - to try to let themselves have a little piece of happiness. And it's sealed with a kiss!

Cappie takes Casey on a walk and gives her his lavaliere. She's not as excited as he had hoped, and she admits that she needs to go to law school in DC. She wants Cappie to come to Washington with her, but he doesn't want to leave. Cappie gets infuriated, thinking there is no way for them to move forward, and he decides that he doesn't want to wait it out till graduation. He just ends it and leaves Casey alone in tears.

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This is your fault! You're like weed, you're my gateway Rusty Cartwright.