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In the latest episode of Greek, Cappie's parents show up for a surprise visit, and take Cappie and Casey on an enlightening camping trip. Rusty also debates whether to work things out with Katherine or to make a new start with Dana.

Cappie and Casey have not really spoken much since their heated discussion at the Mardi Gras Party, where Casey ended up leaving without any resolution. Cappie brings Casey flowers, but Casey isn't sure how she feels about the situation. Whereas Cappie wants to just live in the present and worry about the future when it arrives, Casey wants to know the end result before anything else happens.

Casey asks Ashleigh for advice, and Ashleigh reminds Casey that Cappie's feelings are not new, and that Casey knew how Cappie felt when they got back together - why does she expect that anything has changed? And why does she feel the need to change Cappie?

This message is further echoed when she talks to Evan about his problems with Rebecca. He admits that Rebecca was always candid about her feelings for him, and that he was wrong to try to make the relationship something that it wasn't. This really hits close to home for Casey.

Cappie's parents, April and Tobias, show up for a surprise visit. And it's immediately apparent why Cappie is so happy-go-lucky - his parents are total hippies! Cappie's folks invite Casey and Cappie to go camping with them at nearby grounds. Though Casey initially balks at the idea, but April mentions that she needs to have a serious talk with Cappie about the future, and at the magic word "future," Casey is all in.

On their trip, Casey learns that Cappie never really had any roots: his parents were always moving around, and he's actually lived at the Kappa Tau house longer than any other location. This explains why he's so scared of leaving! Also, his parents strongly encourage him to stay in school as long as possible! Casey cannot fathom how his parents could give such crazy advice!

After fighting with Cappie, Casey walks off into the woods to get some space, and she is followed by Cappie's mom, April. She tells Casey how much she means to Cappie, and how he'll really need her more than ever since April and Tobias have decided to split up.

Learning so much about Cappie, Casey decides she loves him for who he is and won't try to change him. However, she admits to Ashleigh  that she doesn't think that they'll stay together after graduation. But she's going to put that off until graduation, she says.

Meanwhile, Rusty finds himself in the rare predicament of having two potential love interests at the same time. He seeks love advice from Ashleigh, who mentors him from her knowledge of 80s romantic comedies.

Initially, Ashleigh thinks that Rusty has blown it with both Katherine and Dana. Ashleigh thinks that Katherine was probably humiliated when Rusty rejected her v-card, especially since they haven't spoken since that night. And if he had any hope of dating Dana, that's probably gone, since the last time they spoke was at the Mardi Gras party, when she confessed her feelings for him, and he didn't say anything. As far as she knows, Rusty slept with Katherine that night.

It turns out that both of these girls are rather forgiving. And both are still interested in Rusty. Beaver tells Rusty to date them both casually, so that he can explore his true feelings. Ashleigh vehemently disagrees, given her experience with two-timing Fisher, and suggests that he follow his heart. All hopped up on 80s rom-com films, Ashleigh convinces Rusty that Dana is the logical match for him, since Katherine is such an alpha female, she belongs with a preppy jackass.

So Rusty goes to break things off with Katherine, and she's hurt. She wonders whether it was because she is too weird, or because she threw herself at him. She explains how she thought they were the perfect match for each other since they were both Greeks and geeks. Listening to her explanation, Rusty starts to wonder if he's made a big mistake, but is it too late?

Ashleigh thinks her movie calculations were off, and maybe Katherine is the perfect match for him. Rusty leaves Dana a message to cancel their Saturday date, and Ashleigh plans to help Rusty get back Katherine at the party.

At Omega Chi, Calvin is trying to convince Evan to get his manly dignity back and stop whining over Rebecca. They decide that they will have to get the necklace back from Rebecca. Since she's visiting her mom for the weekend, they will need to find a way of sneaking into her room. Calvin has an inside source: Dale, who is working as the ZBZ hasher. But Dale is not the biggest fan of Evan's. However, since the prank involves Rebecca, whom he also dislikes intensely, Dale is game. Up in Rebecca's room, Evan finds a ticket stub from their first date, and he wonders why would she keep this if she really doesn't care?

At the Dobbler's party, Evan is still going in mental circles about Rebecca. Calvin encourages him to just move on, and points Evan toward Katherine who is playing connect-4 solo at a bar top. He moves in and offers to get her a drink. Rusty comes over to apologize to Katherine when Evan reappears with drinks. Rusty realizes that Ashleigh was right, and Evan is the preppy jackass perfect for Katherine. Calvin tries to smooth things over, explaining that Evan is upset about Rebecca. And Rusty reveals that Rebecca slept with Beaver! And Evan punches Rusty in the face!

Rusty probably deserved that, though he still thinks Evan is a jerk. Nonetheless, he realizes that Evan did him a favor. He was going to try to win back Katherine, but he realized that she wasn't the one for him - there was no spark. But did he blow it completely with Dana now? Ashleigh says she has one more 80s movie trick to help his romantic quest.

And of course he shows up in front of Dana's dorm, in a trench coat with a boombox. She forgot the Peter Gabriel, and Dana wasn't actually in her room, so it didn't have the desired effect. In fact, Dana couldn't actually hear the message that Rusty left her, so she didn't know she was dumped in the first place. So things worked out, and they kiss! But things aren't usually this easy, even in the 80s rom-coms, so we can't expect that things will be so for Rusty Cartwright in the next few episodes!

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Greek Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Calvin: Wow, who knew Rebecca was such a minimalist.
Evan: Yeah, well you know when you have no soul you don't crave the comfort of sentimental knick-knacks.

Some love stories are short stories, but they are love stories all the same.