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The ZBZ girls are fed up with their current social status. Ashleigh feels the pressure to do something about it and promises the girls they're having a surprise mixer with the Omega Chis this weekend - only problem is that the Omega Chis don't know this yet.

It shouldn't be too much of a problem, since the boys are available, and Evan and Casey have renewed their friendship. However, when Evan tells the brothers that they are to mix with the ZBZs, they aren't too pleased. Evan tries to pull rank on them and order them to go, but since he has recently revealed that he gave up his trust fund, he no longer has the "Chambers" influence over his brothers, and they veto the mixer.

The ZBZ girls are devastated by the rejection - no one more so than President Ashleigh. But she comes up with an even better idea: ZBZ is 4th-ish, but Gamma Psi is top sorority, so she will invite the Gamma Psi girls to a 4-pack semiformal party, along with Omega Chi and another fraternity. If they invite a top sorority, then they can bring in the top ranked fraternities.

Only thing is, the Gamma Psis have a previous engagement - at least that's what they tell the ZBZ girls in a reply note along with a dozen cupcakes with frowny faces. ZBZ has to make this party work since the whole school already knows about it, and canceling it would be a disaster to ZBZ's reputation. So Ashley and Casey go over to the Gamma Psi house to see if there is anything they can do to get the girls to come. Apparently there is: the Gamma Psis will attend the 4-pack if ZBZ pays their electric bill for the rest of the year - and Ashleigh actually agrees!

The party ends up being extravagant - Ashleigh spent the entire budget on ice sculptures and caricaturists. Gamma Psi president Natalie announces that she and her sisters are leaving the party at the early hour of 10:30pm, which is embarrassing enough, but then she very volubly thanks Ashleigh for paying the electric bill - right as the music lulls - so everyone hears! This brings the party to a grinding halt.

The ZBZ girls are absolutely humiliated and attack Ashleigh. Casey tells the sisters that she offered to pay the electric bill, and that Ashleigh knew nothing about it. That was totally noble of Casey! And probably in the best interest of the sorority too.

The Kappa Tau boys are sort of isolated in this episode, but they have a fun story line of their own. Rusty walks into Cappie's room and finds a very naked Lana waiting there. It is love at first sight - Lana finds his innocence adorable and Rusty is convinced that she is a perfect match for Cappie. However, Cappie doesn't act like he agrees, acting aloof and blowing her off. Rusty doesn't know it's not an act. He thinks that Cappie is scared by his intense feelings for Lana. It turns out that Cappie just wants to break up and doesn't want to man-up and do it. Seems like he's still hung up on somebody else...


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Greek Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Rusty: You see yourself reflected in her and you don't like what you see. Are you growing up?
Cappie: You shut your damn mouth.

Ashleigh: The Gamma Psis seem so nice with their cupcakes and their bunny mascot.
Casey: Bunnies look cute, then they bite you with their big sharp bunny teeth.
Ashleigh: And they sleep where they poop.