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A week has passed since Cappie and Casey reunited at Thanksgiving, but they still have not told their closest friends. Evan and Ashley don't give an overwhelming response of joy when they find out. Ashley is worried that Cappie will be a distraction to Casey, when she needs to focus on the upcoming Songfest competition. And Evan is just weird about the whole situation - probably because he still has feelings for Casey.

Pan-Hellenic President Katherine asks Casey to be Vice President of judicial on the Pan-Hellenic board. If she accepts it means she won't be able to compete with her sorority in the Songfest competition, and Ashley is depending on her. 

The ZBZ girls are crestfallen when they hear that Casey will not be participating. But it doesn't compare to the blow they receive when Katherine tells them one day before Songfest that they cannot use the choreography prepared by Beth, since she had deactivated that semester by joining IKI. After delivering this piece of information, Katherine puts Casey on the spot and asks for her decision regarding the board position - Casey doesn't hesitate to decline the offer. ZBZ only has one day to prepare a completely new performance, and they're counting on her to help them win those crucial Blue Ribbon points that will help put ZBZ back on top!

They pull off a remarkable new number that receives a standing ovation at Songfest. Even so, Gamma Psis end up winning the competition! The ZBZ girls are convinced that Katherine, a Gamma Psi, cheated since she tallied the votes. 

The ZBZ girls investigate by breaking into the Gamma Psi house to get a look at those voting cards. It turns out that ZBZ got amazing scores by all the judges but one, who gave them a zero. This same judge gave the Gamma Psis a 100, while their other scores were lame. Very fishy! They have all the proof they need...

Meanwhile, Rusty and Dale are still feuding with each other. The judges evaluate all the physics projects for the grant, and both Dale and Rusty are finalists - however, they won't be revealing the winner until the next semester. The guys can't leave things as it - apparently, there is only one way to settle things: battle bots. 

There is a lot of smack talk. Calvin explains to Rusty that Dale is really jealous of him, since Rusty has so much going for him, and all Dale has is science. So Rusty takes a fall in the robot death match, and maybe saved his friendship, as a result.

The feuding between Omega Chis and Kappa Taus has been renewed again, perhaps incited when some of the Kappa Taus wrote on an Omega Chi plaque over Thanksgiving. To retaliate, the Omega Chis put crickets all over the KT house. Cappie thinks that Evan ordered the prank because he's made that Cappie and Casey are back together. The KTs then retaliate by blocking the Omega Chi front door with a brick wall. And Evan thinks that Cappie ordered that prank because he was angry that Evan expressed disdain for Cappie and Casey's reunion. Why does it always come back to Casey? The brothers are clearly acting on their own.

Casey decides that it would be good for the fraternities to work together in a joint prank against a common enemy: the campus security guard, Officer Huck. The KT guys are reluctant to trust the Omega Chis - and with good reason. The Omega Chis are super bitchy about doing anything with the Kappa Taus, and some of the brothers criticize Evan's leadership ability if he's willing to do a prank with them. However, it seems like they will go along with the plan, which is to steal Officer Huck's golf cart.

While the brothers are lifting the golf cart, the Omega Chi participants abandon ship. It turns out that Evan planned this the whole time and called the cops on the KTs. Evan tells Cappie to run so he doesn't get in trouble. But three of the KT brothers get caught and they end up getting expelled!

Evan comes to the KT house to apologize to Cappie - he explains that he needed to make this move to gain some leverage in the house - that the Omega Chi house was all he had left, when Cappie had so much going for him. However, this was some serious betrayal. This could very well be the end of Evan and Cappie's friendship. Evan is feeling vulnerable, and makes his way to Rebecca's room, where she is very accommodating...

The ZBZ girls are in big trouble though. The Gamma Psi house is engulfed in flames - and it's potentially their fault. Rebecca left a lit candle on top of the clipboard. Ashley suggests they turn themselves in - Casey says absolutely not. The girls take an oath - pinky swearing and all - that they will never discuss the events of that night with anyone outside of the house...

And that's where they left it for the season! We'll have to wait till next season to find out what happens to ZBZ!

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We're all going to go to girl jail like those prison movies my boyrfriend watches!


We'll know if we did it, when we get in trouble for it, but until then, we say nothing!