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In "The Tortoise & The Hair," Casey refocuses on post-graduation plans and Rusty's advisor Professor Hastings gets a little carried away with Rusty's research project.

As graduation is quickly approaching, Casey feels the need to start planning for her future. And even after a disastrous summer internship in D.C., politics may not be completely out of her system. When she broaches the topic of graduation with Cappie, he quickly diverts his attention elsewhere - to the Kappa Tau turtle race, which occupies the brothers for the entirety of this episode.

The ZBZ house is getting a little disgusting since Fisher was fired, and Ashleigh hasn't gotten around to hire a new hasher. Pledge Abby volunteers to find a new one. She ends up recruiting only a bunch of hot college boys. But somehow Dale has heard about the position, and he's looking for a job to fund his research, since he lost out on the engineering grant to Rusty. Ashleigh doesn't want to hire some man meat for the hasher job, so she instantly hires Dale.

The girls aren't too fond on Dale's work, however. While he is very good at his job, he does it with a bit too much religious zeal. And the girls just want someone that they can molest. When Dale hears that Ashleigh dated the last hasher and then fired him, he thinks that he's been hired as her next boy toy and quits before he can be sexually harassed.

The Dean of Engineering is impressed with Rusty's self-healing wire and he asks Rusty to get some patent-ready diagrams prepared in the next month for an important meeting. It seems too quick for Rusty, but Professor Hastings wants it to be done so badly, he doesn't care. To help meet this deadline, Hastings hires an assistant for Rusty: Dana, the girl whose name he forgot at the nerd auction and who brutally rebuked his attempt to ask her out. Things are going to be awkward and tense around the lab...

Ashleigh encourages Casey to speak with someone who knows a lot about politics... someone whose dad was a Senator... someone like Rebecca. Rebecca paints a very negative picture of life in D.C. but agrees to help Casey learn about it on her own. She introduces Casey to Joel, who previously worked for Rebecca's father. Joel asks Casey to help out the campaign by getting young voters on campus to register to vote. She does a great job with this task, and she pitches an idea to Joel to have a voter registration party at Dobbler's. Joel loves the idea, and Casey gets it into her head that her hard work on the campaign could ultimately lead to a legislative aide position after graduation.

Casey tells Cappie her exciting news about her work on the campaign and the prospect of a job in Washington. When she attempts to start a conversation about what graduation will mean to them as a couple, Cappie avoids the situation again. His plan is to make a plan when the time comes. For now, he doesn't want to think about it.

Ashleigh hires a replacement hasher, who is super hot, but the girls realize that he's way too creepy and perverted. They want Dale back! Dale agrees to come back to ZBZ if Ashleigh will take a sexual harassment seminar.

Rusty finds out that he's going to be interviewed for Engineering Weekly. Hastings shows up for the photograph sporting a nice hair piece. It seems that his appearance, his rush to get an impressive result, it's all about trying to one-up his former colleague who screwed him over all those years ago. At the interview, Rusty tries to tell Hastings about Dana's concerns with the project, which Rusty sees as legitimate, but Hastings doesn't want to hear it. He is humiliated for Rusty's behavior at the interview and criticizes Rusty for not having enough ambition. Ultimately, he does have some advice for Rusty's concern about the project. And Rusty decides he'll still need help on his research and asks Dana to stay on.

The voter registration party at Dobbler's is a total success. Casey should be thrilled, but she's a little bummed about the tension with Cappie. Joel expresses his pleasure with the outcome of the party and invites Casey back to his apartment for a debriefing after the party. Casey thinks he's a total slimeball and is almost completely turned off from the whole Washington thing, as a result. She approaches Joel to tell him what she thinks of him, and how she's not going to sleep with him to advance her career. Then another campaigner asks if everyone is still going back to Joel's place for a debriefing, and Casey learns the hard way, that he wasn't being a slimeball at all.

Casey is humiliated, but she gets encouragement from an unsurprising source: Cappie. He thinks she should go apologize to Joel, because this is what she wants to do and she should go after it. He's even open to talking about graduation now, because he just wants to move forward with Casey, wherever that may take him.

Casey goes to the campaign office to apologize to Joel - he is very gracious. But he does make it clear that her presumptions about a legislative aide position were completely unfounded. She needs much more experience or education, and he encourages her to think about law school.

In the end, Casey decides law school is a good idea, and she starts preparing for her LSAT, while Cappie takes the first steps to graduating college: declaring a major. Though he hasn't officially declared one, he at least has the forms to do so!

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Greek Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Casey: Let me tell you something, Joel. Slimeballs like you are the reason why politics suck. Everybody's in it for what they can get. You know what? You're not getting me. I'm not having sex with you.
Other Campaigner: So are we all still going back to your apartment for the debriefing?
Casey: Wait, you're going back to his apartment too? All of you? Please say you're planning some really weird orgy.

Cappie: You're Casey Cartwright, you can do anything you want. That's how I know you're going to go to Washington and you're going to be amazing.
Casey: Ok even if I could, what about us? What about -
Cappie: Graduation?
Ashleigh: Oh my God, he said it!
Casey: You'll never leave here, you love it too much.
Cappie: I do love it here, but I don't think I could be anywhere that didn't have you.
Ashleigh: Awww
Cappie: We'll be fine. So go get that job. I'd kiss you for luck but I've got beef stick breath.