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On the season premiere of Greek...

It’s CRU graduation for Casey, Ashleigh, and Evan with the others in attendance. Casey and Cappie have an awkward run in after the ceremony, not having talked since their breakup at Spring Break.

Jump ahead three months to Casey finishing up her prep class at CRU, Ashleigh working in Manhattan, and Evan getting ready for CRU Law. Cappie comes back from a summer long road trip. Dale is working as ZBZ’s hasher causing friction with Rebecca. Calvin and Heath are still together, as well as Evan and Rebecca.

Evan is dealing with financial aid because he hasn’t gotten any help from his parents for law school. Calvin is Omega Chi president after having the KT’s help him out at Spring Break and Rebecca is the new ZBZ president. Calvin is working to make peace with the KT’s, which is pissing the Omega Chi’s off.

Rusty runs for president against Cappie because he is angry about the Casey situation. Cappie assures him this will be his last year.

Casey is packing up to head to law school at GW. She finds out that Joel gave her a bad recommendation to CRU causing her rejection. She gets him to rescind his letter and gets accepted to CRU. Casey runs into Cappie and tells him off. A talk with Rusty gets Cappie to show up and apologize to Casey and asks to work things out. She tells him she is staying at CRU but he has to change before she will get back with him, which he promises to do.

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Greek Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

How am I supposed to look cute in this stupid graduation burka?


There's Casey. I could spot those blonde locks in the middle of a Swedish flea market.


Greek Season 4 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
Song Tokyo Telekinesis
Alive 5 Alive The Daylights iTunes
The right place The Right Place What Made Milwaukee Famous iTunes