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Casey is sleeping on the couch at Rusty and Dale’s apartment. She overhears her brother and Dana sleeping together. Dale is looking to meet new girls and Casey recommends joining a fraternity.

The KT’s realize they have lost a lot of their members and look to Rush to gain new pledges. The Greek’s hold Rush activities that the KT’s screw up. After getting busted at their underground party, they are not allowed to take pledges, except for their legacy Peter Parks.

Calvin continues to apologize for his truce to the KT’s and resigns as president before the Omega Chi’s vote him out.

Tegan stops by ZBZ to inform Rebecca they need a house mother. Casey steps into the position, getting herself free room and board. Tegan scares away potential girls during Rush activities, including Heath’s sister, Heather.

Dale decides to rush a fraternity, going to both the KT’s and the Omega Chi’s. He ends up receiving a bid from the Omega Chi’s.

Casey and Cappie speak after the rally, where she tells him she wants him to change for himself, not just for her.

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Greek Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

How did we lose so many guys? I feel like Jen Anniston.


Clearly I should have had your backs, instead of going behind them.


Greek Season 4 Episode 2 Music

  Song Artist
Cold floors Cold Floors The Steps iTunes
The last summer 1 The Last Summer The Forward iTunes
I cant get enough I Can't Get Enough Rooney iTunes