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Ashleigh and Casey’s fight is still carrying on, neither knowing the others relationship status.

It’s Calvin’s 21st birthday party at the apartment but a massive snow storm ruins it. Rusty realizes that Ashleigh was the kiss from Homecoming. She brings Simon to the party and tells Rusty that nothing is happening between him and her after Casey warns Ash not to mess with Rusty unless she means it.

The gang heads to Dobblers since Ashleigh has a key. They play a game where hard questions are asked. Evan acts like a jerk and Rebecca tells him she is done. Casey and Ashleigh make up.

Evan is pissed with Casey for telling Rebecca she deserves better. He warns her to watch her back in law school. Ashleigh is fired when the manager comes in and sees them all passed out the next morning.

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Greek Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Ashleigh became a fan of Color Me Bad?


I can't believe Casey took the which Friends test are you and she is our Rachel? More like Ross or Gunther.


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