Series Finale Photo
Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 10
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It's the series finale of Greek. Read a recap now of how this ABC Family hit wrapped up.

Agents of Change
Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 9
"Agents for Change"
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Rebecca learns that ZBZ is up for an award this week, leading her to recruit the help of a former president in order to be named the best chapter in the country.

From Subclass Plagiostomi
Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 8
"Subclass Plagiostomi"
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Casey and Evan are provided with the perfect outlet this week: a mock trail class. Elsewhere, Rusty and Calvin work to save Dale from humiliation.

Greek Snowstorm
Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 7
"Midnight Clear"
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There's major drama this week on Calvin's birthday. The gang ends up snowed in at Dobler's.

Photo of Cappie
Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 6
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Greek tackles a controversial, interesting topic this week. Pregnancy and the morning-after pill are at the center of "Fumble."

Greek Final Season Scene
Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 5
"Homecoming and Going"
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The pressure is on for Cappie and Rusty on this installment. They must impressed the KT alum, while Lasker and Peter throw a major party.

All About Beav Scene
Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 4
"All About Beav"
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Beaver fares poorly in his classes this week, leading him to team up with Casey. Elsewhere, Rusty and Dana work together.

Casey in Class
Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 3
"Cross Examined Life"
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Rusty teams up with Dana this week. During a Murder Mystery party, he aims to get Dale back. He also becomes Pledge Educator to Peter Parkes.

Time to Rush
Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 2
"Fools Rush In"
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It's officially Rush week at CRU! The houses on campus compete for pledges on this episode of Greek.

Fourth Season Premiere Pic
Watch Greek Season 4 Episode 1
"Defending Your Honor"
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Greek is back! Kicking off its fourth season, Casey is moving on to law school. But what will happen between her and Cappie?

Greek Quotes

I do not go to the gym five times a week for my health!


But it's not the end of the world. Don't you read the scriptures I leave on your pillow? There will be signs.