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Meredith and Derek are enjoying their morning when Amelia arrives home surprised to see them there. Owen is with her, which was clearly supposed to be a secret.

Meredith is surprised and wonders why Derek knew and didn't tell her.

Maggie talks to Alex about her relationship problems.

Meredith confronts Amelia about Owen, and asks too many questions. Meredith says Cristina asked her to watch out for Owen, and she's worried Amelia could hurt him.

Two patients arrive to the ER. The man's wife cut off his penis, and it seems his mistress is there with him and has it saved for reattachment. April suggests they bring in Catherine Avery since this is her specialty, but Richard doesn't want to bring her in.

Stephanie asks Richard how he chose general surgery, and he tells her story of it choosing him.

Catherine arrives and greets April with a hug. They share a knowing look before moving on to the case. Richard is not happy to see her, and is upset with April for calling.

Maggie confronts the radiologist about not calling her back. He tells her she never shuts up. He says she did all the talking, ordered for him, and then paid, so it wasn't a date.

Everyone watches Catherine's surgery while Amelia works on her young patient. She realizes she needs Callie's help with the spine.

Stephanie works with Catherine, who gives her an important compliment.

Amelia and Callie tell their patient's mom that she survived and will eventually walk again, but she will probably not play golf again. The mother is angry, and Amelia feels it is her fault.

Then she blames Owen, and lashes out thinking their relationship is getting in the way of her work. She says being with him was a mistake, and he walks away.

Amelia tells Meredith off, saying that she doesn't know what she's been through and needs to be cut some slack.

Catherine tells Stephanie she'd love to give her a fellowship.

Richard apologizes to Catherine and tells her he loves her.

Owen confronts Amelia and says he wants to understand her.

Meredith gets a call and learns Derek never made it to his meeting at The White House.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 19 Quotes

All my orgasms are gonna be self-made, hand crafted ones.


Amelia: Owen and I are getting to know each other.
Meredith: How well? Pants on or pants off well? Is it just sex, or is there something more?