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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 8 was a heartfelt episode that left Derek and Meredith broken. After much arguing over Maggie's patient and much more, both decided that Derek should take the job with the President of the United States. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Herman confirmed a very sad diagnosis of Jackson and April's baby. Their baby has a very rare bone disease and will not live more than a few days. 

Elsewhere, Amelia learned of Dr. Herman's brain tumor and believes that she can possibly help save her life.

Callie nearly took a step back from the veterans project with Owen. He made her realize that she should not give up and she was able to give a hope to another patient. That patient learned to walk again using a prosthetic leg. 

Amelia came clean to Owen about her past with drug abuse and recovery. 

Maggie and Richard made plans to get meet up for coffee one day.

Bailey took steps to improve her health by counting steps and drinking kale smoothies.

Much of the installment featured flashbacks of Meredith's memories of her mother, when she first met Derek and much  more. We were reminded that memories can be haunting, hurtful and also inspiring. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 8 Quotes

Amelia: I know I'm a risk.
Owen: We're all a risk. We all have something.

Sorry, kale rage going on.


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