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Weeks past by as Amelia presented the details of the intricacies of Herman's surgery in a series of lectures. With each weekly lecture, the auditorium grew more crowded as the doctors became fascinated with Amelia's methodical plan of attack.

Meanwhile, Herman and Arizona continued to bond as they their best to tack four months of surgeries within a matter of weeks. With each surgery, Arizona learned more from Herman as the two grew closer.

It was difficult to watch when Herman was frightened during one of her radiation therapy sessions and reached out to Arizona. 

Elsewhere, Bailey tried to get Herman and Arizona to help a patient with a baby with a tumor. 

At the installment's end, Herman knew that the tumor had finally invaded a part of her brain when she reached out to Amelia. At the point of no return, Amelia was ready to do her best to save Herman's life.

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 13 Quotes

Charming, isn't it? They put clouds on the ceiling to distract you. The least they could do is put up something interesting like porn.

Dr. Herman

This tumor is fierce, intimidating and aggressive, but so am I.