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Maggie got upset when Meredith dodges her questions about D.C. Derek had called several times and Maggie had to lie for Meredith. Meredith finally came clean and admitted that she never made it to the D.C. She decided to stay at a nearby hotel and couldn't make it on the plane. 

Meredith later admitted to Alex that she did not want to leave Derek but also did not want to be with him at the moment.

Ben and Bailey became concerned when Ben's brother was admitted into the hospital. Ben then became utterly upset upon finding out that his brother was transitioning into becoming a female. While Bailey understood and tried to comfort Ben's brother, Ben lashed out and felt like he had been lied to his entire life.

Elsewhere, Owen and Callie exchanged dating advice. Amelia showed up at Owen's door and the two shared a quick and sweet kiss.

Meanwhile, Richard felt like Catherine was using him to find out more about how Jackson and April were doing.

Dr. Herman grew closer to Arizona as she continued to learn more about her past and personality. The two clicked as Dr. Herman laughed throughout the installment while stealing the couch in the attending' room, flirting with Owen, and teasing Arizona.

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