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The doctors continue to try and save the couple from last week, with the man in the car outside the hospital, and the woman inside holding her baby.

Catherine and Richard argue about Catherine's ability to appoint a chief of surgery, and Richard reacts by telling Bailey she will be the next chief.

Amelia is upset with Meredith, and Meredith asks Alex if he thinks there would be room for Amelia to move into the house too.

Alex asks Jo what she thinks, and she responds by telling Alex she's glad he got his house and family.

The doctors all work to get the man from the car to the OR, lining up the new interns for the perfect plan that takes a large group.

Alex tells Jo he wants it all to be with her, and that he can't say no to Meredith, but he isn't saying no to her either.

Meredith gives Amelia her old cell phone with one voicemail. She tells Amelia to make sure she's alone when she listens to it.

Meredith tells Catherine and Richard to get it together and work out their problems, taking advantage of the chance that they actually can.

Jack supports the fact that April wants to go back to the middle east. He also says he can't be there when she comes back.

The couple is reunited and both seem like they might just be okay.

Richard and Catherine compromise on all points, both work and relationship related. Then, they get their wedding.

Jo brings Alex to a loft that she hopes to buy. She tells Alex to sell Meredith her house back, and move in with her in their own place.

Owen sits with Amelia as she plays the last message from Derek, where he talks about his last perfect ferryboat ride.

Maggie tells Meredith she's just learned her parents are getting a divorce and that her mother had been having an affair.

Meredith tells Maggie and Amelia that they have to go dance it out.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 24 Quotes

Richard: I am not crying wolf
Bailey: Sir?
Richard: I do not make decisions lightly. And I don't bow to dictators. Miranda Bailey, you will be Grey Sloan Memorial's next chief of surgery. Congratulations.
Bailey: Thank you?

I like this Kepner. I never thought I would like Kepner. You know, old Kepner -- there was pigtails, bunny rabbits, and smiling. Lots of smiling. But Kepner the reboot, Kepner 2.0, she's crazy. She's fierce. She's womaned up. Thank you, United States Army.