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Meredith is in therapy but insists that she's fine.

The doctors carpool, but Jo and Alex are clearly having trouble with one another.

At the hospital, Alex has a new patient who is fifteen years old.

Owen and Riggs are arguing while bringing in a patient when the ambulance explodes.

Alex wants to spend time with Jo, but she tells him she has plans.

When Alex tells his patient his plan for her surgery ,which he believes is the safest option, she tells him she's disappointed.

Meredith continues therapy, but finds herself talking about Alex and everyone else.

Owen and Amelia talk, and we learn Amelia has been crashing with Richard. He tells her she could stay with him, but she says it isn't a good idea.

Bailey continues trying to push Owen and Riggs together, which worries April.

Callie and Maggie develop a plan for Alex's patient, but Alex disagrees. He says it's far too dangerous.

Everyone tries to be there for Meredith, but she kicks them all out because she wants to be alone.

April asks Riggs about Owen, but he won't say much. Amelia also tries to get Owen to tell her what happened, and he does. He explains he had a sister, but she's gone now, and for some reason, Riggs has something to do with that.


Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 10 Quotes

Therapist: Meredith, you were attacked in your own hospital, and you consider that small stuff?
Meredith: Have you read my file?

A terrible thing happened. I did get knocked around, but nobody died. And any day where nobody dies, that's a good day.