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Meredith and Amelia have some bumps in readjusting to living with each other. Maggie is worried that their bickering will escalate to fighting and Meredith will kick Amelia out again. They reassure her at the end of the episode that fighting is going to happen, but that they'll be fine, and they pick on her a little.

Stephanie and Jo are busy apply for the Preminger grant. Penny decides not to apply as she's just starting to settle into SG. Stephanie is freaking out about getting Amelia's recommendation and disses Penny to Jo after Amelia asks for Penny's assistance over Stephanie. Penny overhears. After venting to Callie, she decides to apply after all and doesn't tell the other girls. They are pissed when Jo finds out from Alex. Penny is surprised when she gets the grant. Stephanie confronts Amelia about endorsing Penny and she crosses a line. 

Meredith, Riggs, and Owen head out for a heart retrieval. Owen blames Riggs for being late to the ambulance and getting stuck in a traffic jam. When they arrive, the heart is dead. Owen is pissed when he finds out that Riggs bought Amelia a drink, and it gets even worse when Meredith shares what Riggs told her about Megan. Owen shares a different version of events which paints Riggs in bad light again.

 April treats a young teen who comes in with stomach pain and a hidden pregnancy. She insists that April and Arizona keep the information from her mother, but April spills the beans when the girl refuses surgery. She doesn't respond well when Arizona compares this situation to their own. April overhears Catherine talking to Richard about suing April for fraud and for full custody of the baby. The two situations lead to her forgiving Arizona enough that Arizona can support her through everything. Webber eventually convinces Catherine to back down, but April doesn't realize that a) Jackson wasn't in on Catherine's plan and that b) the plans have changed. She fights back by serving Jackson with a restraining order only to arrive home and find a peace offering in the form of a crib. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 17 Quotes

Jo: Do you think that I'm "resourceful" or "inventive?"
Penny: Mm, put that you're both.
Stephanie: Put that you're annoying when you think out loud.

Why are these spaces so small? These spaces cannot contain how awesome I am.