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In the aftermath of Ben's renegade surgery, Bailey decides to convene an "advisory panel" to suss out the truth of what went down. Webber initially isn't impressed with her decision to not handle things directly, but she stands up to him. After re-interviewing all the docs involved (including some extreme scrutiny of Riggs on Owen's part), Hunt, Maggie, and Grey decide that Ben was telling the truth when he said that he didn't register the lockdown ending because he was so focused on his patient. The whole ordeal has put a lot of stress on Bailey and Ben's marriage, even as they try to compartmentalize home life and work life. Bailey ends up suspending Ben from the program for six months, and when he goes to get begging to have his punishment reduced, she tells him that it already has been -- she wanted to flat out fire him, but the panel's opinion changed her mind.

Gretchen's husband Omar suffers a seizure, and his 10 year old daughter convinces his mother to sign a DNR. His heart rhythm keeps getting worse, but he hangs on. Finally, Bailey defies the DNR and shocks him, unable to deal with the thought of Gretchen's children being orphaned. Amelia reprimands her for it, saying the hospital should respect his family's wishes and that Omar is brain dead with no hope of recovery. Later, he wakes up, a total miracle, and the family is reunited. 

Jackson and April each meet with their lawyers, who are encouraging them to escalate things and to go for full custody. Avery has to review all of the paperwork leading up to the divorce to try and create a timeline. The restraining order causes problems at work, and the two remain contentious. Webber reprimands them for letting their issues get in the way of patient care. April shows up at Arizona's house panicked about the baby. Later, Avery approaches her as she's leaving the hospital. He tells her that in reviewing their papers, he's reminded that they both cared about each other and were best friends. He doesn't like the way he's been acting. After his demonstration of friendship, April has him feel the baby kicking, a sign that this child will be fine and not suffer like Samuel did. 

Penny has to decide whether to take the grant or not. It requires a move to New York and she's reluctant to leave Callie. Callie gets upset that Penny doesn't ask her to go, even though she knows she can't. Later, Penny asks why Callie hasn't asked her to stay. After a chat with Arizona where she tells her ex-wife that New York is only six hours away and she can make it work, Callie asks Penny to ask her to go with her. When Callie reveals her plans, Arizona is shocked. She ends up meeting with April's custody attorney. 


Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 19 Quotes

Richard: Bailey, we talked about this. As the leader of this surgical staff, you need to take charge of it.
Bailey: As the leader of this surgical staff, I know my limitations. And I know I cannot be impartial about my husband and the future of his career. As a leader, I am taking charge of my lack impartiality by convening an advisory panel to review the matter.

Ah. It's a good thing I'm not trying to save lives so that I can see that the elevator doors are open.