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Amelia and Owen wake up (blissfully) in his trailer; Jo finds the engagement ring in Alex's drawer while looking for his car keys. Meredith admonishes her students to show respect to the cadavers that they are studying. Flashback: Meredith is offended when she hears Riggs call the morgue "the plumber." Jackson tries to give April a check to cover their last joint phone bill, but she brushes it off. Arizona admonishes her to tell Jackson about the pregnancy. April tells her that she doesn't want him to come back to her because of the baby, or to complicate things. Maggie catches Amelia straggling into locker room; Amelia explains that she's not stumbling because she's drunk but because she left a shoe at Owens. DeLuca gets assigned to Weber, and Ben explains that he picks one intern every year to be his "man" and he assumes that DeLuca is the lucky intern. Weber assigns DeLuca a load of scut work and asks him to pick up his dry cleaning. Stephanie is bored with the aneurysm repairs they've been doing, and Amelia promises she can clip the next one that comes in on her own. Arizona and Weber consult on a case together, and Weber gets nosy about the who Arizona went home with. Stephanie gives Amelia the run down on a new patient, betting that it's an aneurysm; it turns out to be Katie Bryce, the first patient that Mer and Derek treated together. Meredith and Amelia go over Katie's case -- there's some debate over whether it's a rebleed, a new aneurysm, or a tumor. Amelia is annoyed with Meredith's determination to be involved in the case. Mer goes to discharge one of her cancer patients, but notices that the woman's port is infected. Alex and Jo discuss the ring; Alex wants to know if she's finally giving him a firm answer. She gets off the elevator with everything still up in the air. Weber confronts Arizona about the outcome of her dates, asking for more details so that he can do a better job helping her find a girlfriend. Weber continues to run DeLuca ragged, and Arizona admonishes Weber. Stephanie and Amelia wait for the results of Katie's CT scan, and are shocked that it is a giant aneurysm. Meredith examines the infected port, and when she cuts to remove it, is surprised at the amount of blood that she finds. She stays calm, and pages cardio. Riggs wants to take a more aggressive approach and take Daphne to surgery, but Meredith wants to give the medication a chance to work. She sends Penny as an envoy to Amelia to get details about Katie's case (and to deliver her suggestions) until Penny gets sick of being used and refuses to play the go between. While Avery coaches Ben through a scalp suture, he, Ben, Alex, and Owen discuss the divorce, a new hobby for Jackson, Owen & Amelia, and the situation with Jo. In the cafeteria, Jo tries to explain her position to Stephanie and Penny. Callie asks April about how she's doing, and is confused with April's serene attitude. Andrew and Maggie make eye contact and head off to an on call room to get busy. Andrew is shocked to find out that Weber is her father, and she's appalled to find out what Andrew has told him about her. Maggie tries to talk DeLuca up to Weber before they both head into surgery, but it becomes very awkward. Amelia and Stephanie talk Katie through the consent for the surgery, and Katie questions if Amelia is as good as her brother.  Surgery becomes awkward for DeLuca and Weber when Arizona reveals too much about Andrew's (and Maggie's) sex life. Riggs and Mer discuss Daphne's condition, and Daphne beats herself up for "screwing up" again and refuses to call her son until she considers herself someone he can be proud of. Amelia vents to Owen about how she screws everything up and tells him that she shouldn't be started anything new. He reassures her about her abilities. Daphne starts to get worse, and Riggs encourages her to call her son before they take her into surgery. The conversation goes well, but Daphne gets worse. Amelia preps Katie for surgery. The two gurneys pass in the hall and Katie watches Meredith ride Daphne's gurney down the hall. Amelia comes out of her procedure triumphant only to see Meredith leave with her patients body. Meredith confronts Riggs about calling the morgue "the plumber"and about what happened with Owen's sister. Richard talks to Arizona about how she deserves better, and Arizona thanks him for helping her to be slutty again. Jo tells Alex that she's not ready yet, but that he should keep in the ring in the drawer. Jackson gives April a check so that nothing is left "undone." After he walks off, Alex tells her that if she needs anything, she can come to him. He figured out the pregnancy on his own. He counsels her to tell Avery before he figures it out on his own. Maggie finds DeLuca uploading Weber's old paper files to the computer. She tells Weber how much she likes him, and he offers to cut him some slack. When he expresses how great it will be to have his charts digitized, she suggests they go to dinner together. Mer visits Katie as Stephanie does the post-op. Amelia overhears Meredith compliment her to Katie. Amelia updates Katie's chart, and Owen pays her a visit, suggesting that what they have isn't new...not unless she wants it to be. Daphne's son arrives at the hospital, and Riggs and Meredith accompany him to his mother's body. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 12 Quotes

Meredith: It was my first surgery, Bailey. How do you not remember this?
Bailey: You were an intern, Grey. You weren't even a person to me yet.

Found it. It's so old, it's not even in the computer.