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Richard decides to switch up resident-attending assignments. Jo ends up with Meredith, who brushes her off. Stephanie is assigned to Alex (who has been discussing Avery's attempt at dating with him), and she is less than thrilled when she finds out that there are visiting dogs in peds that day. Amelia and Riggs meet Owen in the elevator while taking their patient up. Amelia and Owen discuss their date for that evening. Penny joins them to update Amelia that the patient's wife is waiting. Amelia demands that Penny be removed from her service. Arizona's patient is giving Bailey free tax advice when Arizona, Ben, and DeLuca round on her. Amelia's patient's "wife" is upset at the news, but Amelia and Riggs are shocked to find out that she's the mistress, not the wife. The wife is not so concerned about Griffin's status -- not as long as he's alive. Arizona confronts April again about telling Jackson, and about doing genetic testing. To Arizona's shock, April refuses. Arizona and Alex talk about what they should do about April and Jackson. Maggie and Callie won't shut up about Thorpe, and Meredith admits she's avoiding his calls so she won't "have" to turn him down. When Jo gives her an update on her clinic patients, she calls Jo by the wrong name and sets her to more non surgical tasks. Ben can't find Baby C on the ultrasound and sends DeLuca for Robbins. Amelia reprimands Penny for screwing up the wife situation, and Penny tells her that Webber rejected reassigning her to another service. Griffin's wife explains that she's waiting for husband to die instead of divorcing him because of their pre-nup. Unexpectedly, he wakes up, and doesn't recognize his mistress, calling for his wife instead. Arizona realizes that Courtney is in labor, and she takes her to the OR to try and stop it. Lena is upset about Griffith forgetting her, and Amelia tells her to stay outside. Griffith and Gayle reconnect. Ben distracts Courtney by asking her questions about his and Bailey's tax return. Arizona leaves to talk to April once more. Jo bitches to Penny and Stephanie in the bathroom while Edwards washes dog pee off of herself and Penny looks over the clinic patient charts. Arizona pushes April again about bringing Jackson into the loop and in getting the test results early. DeLuca interrupts them to tell Arizona that Courtney's labor has advanced. Arizona comes up with a plan to deliver only one of the babies. Riggs asks Amelia what's wrong with Penny, and equates her dislike of Penny with Owen's problem with him. Penny catches a problem with Griffith, and diagnoses increased IP. She is reluctant to perform the procedure because of Amelia's directive, but Riggs pushes her to do it. Arizona explains her plan to Bailey and Karev, who are dubious, but go with her expertise. Amelia is upset when she finds Penny doing the procedure and immediately takes over. Meredith checks in with her patient and Jo, who has prepped for the wrong procedure. Jo ends up exploding and ranting at Meredith about how she treats her professionally and personally. Arizona goes through with her plan while Ben comforts Courtney. Amelia briefs Gayle on Griffith's condition, and Gayle tells Lena to leave when she inquires about his condition. Maggie and Callie tease Meredith about the phone calls, and the shame her a little for how she treats Jo. In the OR, Penny starts talking Amelia through what happened in the ICU room. While Alex works on baby Charles and Arizona tries to work some magic, Ben keeps Courtney distracted with tax questions. Penny notices that Amelia isn't working on Griffith anymore, and Amelia calls TOD. Penny and Amelia go to tell Gayle about Griffith. Alex congratulates Arizona on her success, and they talk again about Kepner. Bailey tells Ben that Arizona has requested him to her service, and then informs him that she hired Courtney. He doesn't take it well exactly, and she is distracted when he asks if he'll see her at home. Alex takes April outside and urges her to tell Jackson before it's too late. She explains that she's trying to protect him from being hurt again. Meredith talks to Jo about why she's hard on her, and apologizes for her behavior, telling her that she is rooting for her. Owen finds Amelia despondent in the hallway. She's upset that Penny is so good and that she's going to have to teach her. Owen cancels dinner and takes her to see the puppies in peds instead. Meredith is about to call Thorpe when she notices sitting on the bench opposite her outside the hospital. He asks her out and dares her to say no. April heads up to talk to Jackson, only to find that Arizona has just broken her news. 

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 14 Quotes

Maggie: Sometimes your ringer is off, and it's been off for so long, that you forget that it's off, and you need someone to help you figure out how to turn it back on. But once it's on...
Callie: Oh. Oh, that's it. Your ringer needs to be turned on. You've been on vibrate for too long.
Meredith: [groans] Shut up.

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Once a month, a rescue group brings in a bunch of puppies for the kids. It's good for morale and healing and crap.