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Alex, Meredith, and Maggie are on the work when they get stuck in traffic and realize there's a bad accident. They get out to help, and arrive at the hospital later with the patients.

Meredith and Amelia are still fighting with each other.

Meredith and Penny work with one patient, who seems okay until he has a seizure. Meredith is left alone with him, checking his vitals when he suddenly wakes up and attacks her.

No one hears it happen, but Penny comes in later to find them both on the floor.

Everyone works on Meredith, and Alex realizes that Meredith isn't able to hear anything. She's very badly injured.

Meredith watches everyone around her, unable to hear a thing or know exactly what her own injuries are.

She sees things happening around the hospital as she recovers, including Amelia acting out and April fighting with Jackson. Alex stays by her side.

Richard gets Meredith into a wheelchair and takes her outside. Richard tells her why Amelia is upset, and that she feels guilty for not being there when Meredith was attacked. He then tells Richard she needs to forgive Amelia for not being Derek.

Meredith agrees to meet with the man who attacked her, and he apologizes.

Eventually, Meredith gets to go home, and she tells Alex not to let Jo's love for him go to waste.






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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 9 Quotes

Richard: You can't work on your family.
Alex: Everybody in this damn room is her family.

Forgiveness is a powerful thing, Meredith. Not only to make the other person to feel good, but to heal you. Forgive her for not being Derek.