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Arizona tells April that rumors are going around the hospital about her and Dr. Riggs.

Several firefighters arrive to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital after being injured in a fire. Richard gives Bailey advice about handling her first major crisis as chief.

Jo continues to be bothered by Alex and Meredith's relationship.

Owen's mother shows up to the hospital. Her boyfriend is one of the firefighters who was brought in. When Owen realizes that Riggs is performing the surgery, he tells him to let Maggie take over.

After surgery, Meredith and Amelia see Riggs hug Owen's mom, and wonder what the connection is. Meredith decides to find out, and confronts Owen's mom later. 

Arizona is interested in one of her patients, and Richard helps her to get up the nerve to ask her out.

Jackson wants to talk to April about the fact that they had sex, but April assumes he wants to ask for a divorce, and they fight.

Jo comes home, still angry with Alex, and tells him their relationship isn't working. Alex already had champagne ready, and he pulls out a ring. That's why he and Meredith were being so secretive -- because Meredith had been holding on to it.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 8 Quotes

I make my living off of sick babies.


Richard: Oh, and stand on the stairs when you to talk to them. Makes them feel watched over.
Bailey: Is that why you do that?