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After talking to Jackson about how frustrated he is sitting at home, Ben makes an appointment with the chief of anesthesiology and temporarily gets his old position back. Miranda is not happy when he reveals his new, and tells him that if he does this, he better find a new place to sleep. Later, we see him manning the drugs for one of Jackson's patients. 

Arizona and Callie meet to talk about Callie's plan to move to New York, and Arizona is upset that Callie has already been looking at schools for Sofia. Callie keeps trying to work with Arizona, but isn't really listening to what Arizona's trying to say. When she goes to apologize and try to work things out, Arizona is upset that she has gotten a call for the head of one of the NYC schools, and tells Callie she needs to talk to her lawyer and not to her. 

Two mother's come in worried about which one of their 8 year old boys is a victim of a gun shot wound. It turns out that Peter accidentally shot Brandon with Brandon's mother's gun while the babysitter was briefly in another room. The case affects many of the doctors in various ways. Alex is upset when he finds out that Jo has a gun in their apartment. She insists it's for protection. Later at their apartment she explains that the gun is from her days living in her car, but that she doesn't want it around anymore after seeing what happened to Brandon. Maggie freaks out throughout the day, aggressively questioning the babysitter and calling to check up on Meredith's kids. She starts to realize just how attached she is to the little Shepherds. At the end of the day, she asks Meredith how she handles the vulnerability of loving the kids so much. Maggie fights to save Brandon's ability to walk, but when his heart starts to fail, all of her work is for naught when he has to be shocked. She ends up comforting a distraught Peter when she sees him after the surgery, seeing her own childhood reflected in his experience. Owen tells her that she saved Peter's life with her words to him. He reveals to her that his last words to Megan were to get on a helicopter and come to him when she found out about Riggs.

Stephanie is reluctant to go on a date with Kyle after sexting with him for weeks. She's further convinced that it's not worth the risk when a patient gets catfished by her online boyfriend. After teasing her about a missent text, Meredith pushes her to go on the date, and Kyle takes her to a recording studio where they end up getting busy. 

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 20 Quotes

Stephanie: Kyle is in town and he wants to take me to dinner.
Penny: I don't understand your face.
Stephanie: Mm, no, no, I'm not going.
Jo: Why not? Free food with bonus hot guy?

Zola: Why did Aunt Maggie stop having S-E-X with DeLuca?
Meredith: [pause] Because he couldn't handle that she was his B-O-S-S. Do not ever date a man who can't handle your P-O-W-E-R.