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Bailey takes Andrew under her wing. Her patient is a sweet older woman known as "Granny June" who knits hats and scarves for Bailey and Deluca, and bakes everyone cookies. She is finally getting a liver transplant after three years of waiting, but the immediacy of  Meredit's patient needing one almost threatens that. To everyone's surprise Granny June, the super sweet old lady, refuses to allow Meredith's patient to take the liver, even though the other woman is younger and in dire need of it.

Meredith is still dodging Nathan's flirtations. She's annoyed that her patient needs a liver and she doesn't have access to the one coming to the hospital. She hangs out with Alex and considers nearly coercing the other patient to give the liver away.

Owen babysits Harriet for the duration of the workday while Jackson and April are working. Harriet doesn't take to him well initially, and he takes it personally, wondering if he's any good with kids. He finally gets Harriet to like him, and after spending time with her, he thinks he may be good at parenting.

Amelia realizes that her cycle is late so she suspects that she might be pregnant. She keeps planning to take a pregnancy test but never gets around to it for a while. She worries whether or not she should tell Owen first or just take the test. She ends up talking about it with nearly everyone else but Owen, including bother her sisters and April.

Later on she tells Owen that she thinks she might be pregnant. She takes a pregnancy test and while they wait for the results, Owen makes plans for their future kid. The pregnancy test is negative. Owen seems disappointed but she seems a bit relieved.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 5 Quotes

Not many people have Miranda Bailey in their corner, but this one does. So today, I am Ed McMahon with a big ole check.


Alex: C'mon it's freaking fall already.
Meredith: It's global warming already.