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Nathan wants to hang out with Meredith, but she continues to turn him down. When a patient is injured during a glider-plane accident, Nathan takes Meredith's side instead of Owen's. Later on, the patient's condition gets worse and she ends up paralyzed from the waist down. Meredith questions if Nathan only sided with her because of whatever it that's going on between them. Nathan is insulted she would think that and storms off. Outside the hospital, Meredith tells Nathan she can't be worried about what he's thinking while she's trying to do her job, so they need to just be friends. Maggie wanders up at this time and thinks they were just talking about her. Nathan plays along and says he wishes for them to be friends. 

Amelia is frustrated with Owen because she realizes they don't know that much about each other, even though they're married and already talking about children. Amelia is upset that Nathan seems to know more about her husband, and how she knows more about Stephanie than she does about the man she's married to. Amelia worries that if she opens up to Owen about her past, he won't lie what he hears. At home, both Amelia and Owen take turns recounting dark moments from their past. They reassure one another that they're okay, and decide not to wait to try to have kids. 

Alex tries his best to not to piss off his supervisor at the clinic. When a teenage girl comes in, everyone thinks she's just a drunk because she always come in dehydrated. After noticing her various unusual symptoms, Alex discovers she has a rare disorder. Even thought he didn't get any of the credit, missed a meeting with his lawyers, and had a brief but unpleasant encounter with Jo, Alex feels good about the day.

Jackson and April are exhausted and realize their living situation isn't working out since both are walking on eggshells around each other. April feels like she needs to be a perfect house guest, and Jackson is tired of April trying to hard to be nice. After getting into a minor argument, April suggests she and the baby move out. Jackson doesn't want them to go, and April agrees to stay. 

Miranda tells Andrew he can't discuss the case with anyone at work. Andrew says that won't be hard since most people don't want to talk to him. Jo tells Andrew he can talk to her, since he's the only one she can talk to. 

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