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An announcement is sent to the hospital staff that a consultant, Dr. Eliza Minnick, will be observing everyone's teaching methods. Some people, like Ben and Alex, think they are to blame for her presence. Richard assumed he would introduce Eliza to everyone, but is shocked when Miranda admits she has already arrived and taken the residents into a meeting. In the meeting, Eliza urges everyone to feel open to expressing their likes and dislikes at the hospital. Eliza quickly gets on the attendings' nerves when she gives opinions during their surgeries. Maggie thinks she found a list of attendings that have been ranked by the residents. Richard tells Miranda to intervene, but she tells him that she's there to assess the program and to make a decision. Richard thinks this is Miranda's way of telling him he's in danger of losing his job. Miranda tells him that's not the case, but that medicine is always changing and that he and everyone else needs to change along with it or get left behind. 

Maggie, now questioning her teaching ability, asks Leah what she could do better to help her learn. Leah tells her that she can slow down. During s surgery, Eliza has Leah switch places with Maggie and take the lead. However, Leah gets to the point where she doesn't feel comfortable or ready to continue. Eliza also cause a nicked artery, just so Andrew could jump in and fix it. Later, Richard is livid with Eliza, but she defends her choices because both residents learned more than they would have had they just watched and her methods allow all residents to learn quicker. Maggie tells Richard that Eliza may be an ass, but she was right about her teaching method. Before going to see Miranda, Eliza is stopped in the elevator by Arizona who is mad her name wasn't on the list that Maggie. Eliza says the list is just a way for her to remember names. Arizona takes this to mean her name isn't worth remembering, but Eliza says she doesn't need a list to remember Arizona's face. In her meeting with Miranda, Eliza expresses that if she chooses to work there, she will need to run the program on her own. After she leaves, Richard tells Miranda he is open to working with Eliza.

April is a little embarrassed when Arizona, Nathan, and Maggie discover she's on Tinder. After agreeing to a date with a guy, she awkwardly has to tell Jackson when she's on her way. The next morning, April pretends her date went really well and that they're going on a second date that night. She later tells Jackson that she bailed on the date after five minutes, because she doesn't really know how to date. The men she's dated have either been colleagues or friends. Jackson tells her it takes time, but she'll get there. However, when he tells her to give the guy a chance on her rescheduled date, he looks a little conflicted. 

Amelia and Owen's marital troubles bleed over into their work relationship.They argue throughout the day, and she spends the night in the hospital instead of going home with him. After a successful surgery, she tries to move on, but Owen is still angry with her for how she's been acting. Amelia finally reveals she doesn't want a baby. Amelia shows up at Meredith's house asking to stay. Alex tells her to fix her problems and tell Owen. She says she did, and Alex lets her inside. 

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 7 Quotes

Because medicine is changing, constantly. You're the person who taught me that, and we... everyone here needs to be able to change along with it or get left behind.


Alex: They're gonna overhaul the program because I beat up DeLuca.
Meredith: Everything isn't about you. That doesn't even make sense.
Alex: A teacher beat up a student.
Meredith: Oh, that makes sense.