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Arizona proposes a double date with her and Carina and Deluca and Sam, but Carina doesn't want to because she doesn't like Bello despite the two of them living together. 

Maggie is giving Jackson the cold shoulder and he doesn't know why. 

Richard is trying to adapt to losing Ollie soon, and the others are worried about him.

Alex tries to convince Kimmie to stay and keep up with the chemo, but she wants to go and see Broadway shows before she dies. Alex wants her to stick around so he can talk about it more with her. 

Matthew brings his baby to the hospital. He's struggling with looking at Arizona and his daughter isn't doing well. 

An ICE agent comes looking for Bello and claims he needs to talk. Miranda and Meredith talk to her and Bello freaks out and tells them about her friend who was deported despite having her DACA papers. 

Miranda tells the ICE agent that Bello is in surgery and won't be out for a while, so he tells her that he'll wait for her. 

Amelia speaks to Tom's friend about getting help on the situation with Kimmie, and she's game until she finds out that their hospital is a Harper Avery hospital. 

Meredith suggests Andrew and Sam get married so Sam won't be deported to El Salvador, but she tells them that it doesn't work like that for Dreamers. 

Arizona and Carina butt heads over one of their patients because Arizona thinks her patient is like all of the studies that she's researching. 

Arizona puts Owen on Matthew's kid.

Meredith tells Alex about Bello and asks if he has any information about the underground. They talk to Jo who tells Bellow how to fake her own death and disappear, but Bello doesn't want to leave her achievements. 

Dr. Froy still won't respond to anyone including Jackson. She hangs up on everyone. 

Miranda tells the ICE agent that he may be having heart trouble. He thinks she's screwing with him, but Bailey has Casey bring in an EKG machine and gets into his head. 

Amelia asks Owen if he knows anyone and tries to get him to get Megan to help with Bello. 

It turns out that Agent Fields is really having heart issues. Bailey gets Maggie to consult with him.

April tells Owen to check baby Ruby's heart. 

Andrew accuses Carina of calling ICE on Bello. She's hurt that he would even suggest such a thing.

Kimmie tries to check out without Alex knowing. Jo catches them leaving. Kimmie tells Jo to explain everything to Alex and thank him. 

Owen follows April's advice and is able to diagnose baby Ruby. It's a fixable surgery. He tells Matthew that Kepner helped him. 

Maggie finds that Agent Fields needs immediate surgery. 

Agent Fields finally tells Bailey that Sam ran a red light, and that's why they're after her. If she goes to El Salvador her medical accreditations won't go over. DeLuca suggests they run to his friend in Canada but Meredith reminds them that running would make them criminals and they won't be able to practice medicine again. 

Arizona asks Carina if she plans on leaving the country because her work is up. 

Meredith arranges for Bello to go to Switzerland to work at Yang's hospital and she and Pierce forged the paperwork to look like she applied a long time ago, so it looks like she's voluntarily leaving the country. 

April sits with Matthew in the chapel. 

Jo tells Alex that she wants to have kids with him and she wants to take his last name. 

Ollie dies and Richard is crushed. 

Owen meets with someone to foster to adopt a kid. 

Sam leaves and Andrew promises to meet up with her when he gets a chance. Sam wants to break up with him to free him from her. She leaves. 

Maggie apologizes to Andrew because Sam is gone. Maggie confronts Jackson. They air out their grievances, make up, and make out. 

Catherine tells Richard that Jackson ruined the hospital because he lifted something his grandfather had implemented. 




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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 19 Quotes

It's not your fault. You tried. Now I just, I want to see some Broadway shows before I die.


Maggie: You are a grown man who never learned to apologize.
Jackson: I am excellent at apologizing when I've actually done something wrong.