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Megan is taken to GSM. She pretends as if she doesn't know who Owen is but is kidding with him. She retells how she came to be a POW captured for a decade. She has a serious abdominal injury that has to be taken care of.

Meredith consults on the injury because Megan is in a hurry to get it fixed. Megan reveals that she has a son, a Syrian refugee, someone she took in as her own back in Iraq. She wants to return back for him and she couldn't get him brought over.

Megan tries to figure out who it is Nathan was dating while she was away. Amelia briefly appears but doesn't go back to see Megan.

Alex gives Jo a solo surgery. The two are taking and appear to be on good terms. Jo expressed that she missed Stephanie and begins relying on Ben as her new Stephanie.

Arizona goes to visit Eliza but finds that her apartment the apartment is empty. She consults April who tells her that she has been ghosted. April tells her it sucks when people aren't clear about their intentions. Later on, Arizona hits up a bar and meets a woman she takes him with her.

Eliza left some new interns that Richard has to take in but they are annoying and socially inept.

Owen reunites with Teddy. 

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