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April sends out Jo and Alex's wedding invitations to everyone including Jo and Alex.

Betty returns to Owen's and he calls Amelia. She's clean and never got a fix.

Arizona tells Miranda and Richard that she's leaving. Miranda is sad and Richard is upset about her leaving.

Dr. Hermann is back. She is Amelia's patient. Betty is shadowing Amelia because she won't leave her alone.

Matthew is brought into the hospital. He was in a car accident. He keeps mentioning April and asking if she's OK.

They can't contact April at all, so Owen heads out with the EMT to the location where Matthew's accident happened. 

Dr. Herman thinks that her tumor is back. Arizona is not interested because she's still upset about how she and Herman left things.

Owen finds April at the scene in the water. He texts Meredith and tells her that he found April and it's bad. She doesn't tell Jackson yet because he's about to go into surgery. 

April is hypothermic. One of the EMT's thinks that they have already lost her, but Meredith refuses to accept that as she starts working on her.

They call Maggie in as head of Cardio. They have to keep working on her to get her heart going and restarted. 

Meredith runs into Alex who is on his way to the cake tasting with April. Meredith starts crying, and when he asks her what's happening, she tells him to come with her. 

Maggie wants to tell Jackson, but Meredith has to keep reminding her that he's in surgery and he can't be distracted. 

All of the interns and other doctors rotate compressions on April for hours. 

Arizona and Herman talk through their issues and Arizona tells her that she felt abandoned by her.

Amelia still wants to tell Herman that she had a tumor when she operated on her and that maybe that's why she's blind.

Richard, Miranda, and Roy continue to work on Matthew. Richard comments on how unlucky Matthew is.

Jackson and Jo leave surgery and Jackson overhears Casey getting all the blood from the bank to save April. He busts into the room where April is and is upset that nobody told him. Owen demands they all pray for April because it's what she would want.

Maggie sees a rhythm and has them charging to shock her. When she keeps doing it, Jackson freaks out. Maggie gets the rhythm that she needs. 

Richard tells Arizona about April. 

Matthew wakes up and asks about April. 

April's brain waves are slow and irregular. 

Arizona tells everyone that April and Matthew have been seeing each other for months and that April is in love with him. 

Ben comes up to the hospital to see April. He and Miranda hug.

All of the doctors are waiting in April's room to see if she wakes up.

Amelia asks if anyone has called April's family and Arizona breaks down.

Jackson prays at April's bedside and pleads with God not to take her away. April squeezes his hand and opens her eyes. 

April is joking with the others about not seeing a white light because she didn't actually die. Arizona is still freaking out and sobbing at April's bedside. April makes fun of Jackson for prayng for her and it working. She thanks Owen for always finding her and bringing her back.

Jackson goes to find Harriet and hugs her.

Herman wants to know if Amelia would do the surgery on her. She knows that Amelia had a brain tumor. 

Herman has a grant and wants to work with Arizona. She wants to teach and she wants Arizona to run it. She wants Arizona's carts everywhere. Arizona asks if they could do it in New York, their clinic, and Herman agrees.

April thanks Maggie for saving her. Matthew comes in and they comfort each other and tease each other. 

Jackson and Harriet stand in the chapel.

Meredith puts Derek's scrub cap with the post it.







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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 23 Quotes

Miranda: I thought you were a pixie stix.
Arizona: What?
Miranda: When I met you. I thought you were an empty vessel full of sugar who skated in the hospital. I didn't know then that it would be my pleasure to work with you and get to know you.

Amelia: Are you high?
Betty: No. I tried to get a fix, but I sweated it out on a friend's couch.