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Owen and Amelia discuss whether or not the made the wrong decision. They both agree that they have not. They decide that they want to be friends, and they'll blame everything bad on the tumor. Amelia tells Owen that her affection for him is sill there.

Meredith made the cover of JSA, a medical magazine. 

After Alex teases Jackson about all of his money, Jackson buys a boat. He decides to take a sick day and Jackson decides to join him.

Meredith is about to do an unheard of procedure on a judge. She has Jo as her resident.

Amelia has to take out a tumor but wants to get Tom to help her.

Jackson and Alex get the other guys to go along with them and they all are eager to take a spin in Jackson's fancy new bat-mobile.

A patient that they know as a hypochondriac comes into the hospital demanding a lot of tests. Bailey is settling him in. A woman comes in with abdominal pains. While questioning her, a gunshot goes off and the hypochondriac is shot. The woman has an exit wound in her side. They find out that the woman was trying to smuggle a gun into a prison in her vagina.

Jo is freaked out that Meredith is being o nice t her. Meredith is being nice because Jo couldn't be named in the article.

Meredith's patient has reservations about the surgery and asks if he should go through with it. Jo advises him to despite knowing it's unethical. meredith has to double back to make sure that the patient wasn't pressured and Jo later wonders why Meredith isn't upset with her.

Amelia and Richard talk about her addiction whether or not it defined her.

Maggie and Bailey talk about dating and Maggie swipe right on a guy while in surgery. 

Arizona and April remove the gun. They lament the foolish thinking of this girl. She thinks she could be in prison with her boyfriend. 

The guys discuss family and Jackson talks about having a sister. They debate whether or not Maggie counts as his sister, and it gets awkward when Jackson asks if Alex would ever sleep with Meredith if she's like family but not his sister.

Jo asks the judge patient about her domestic situaton with her ex-husband. 

Jackson offers to give Bailey some of his money to start their own version of a harper Avery because he wants in on some of the competition.

Meredith's patient dies. The others throw a party celebrating her getting a Harper Avery.

Owen and Carina are found kissing. Amelia hooks up with Tom.

Andrew recognizes wone of the interns as someone from his past.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6 Quotes

If I had that much money, I wouldn't be here. I'd buy a boat, a big boat.


Owen: Do you think we got this wrong? Made the wrong decison?
Amelia: No, but I wish I did.