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Megan packs up to leave Seattle. She's moving to Malibu. Owen helps her pack but eventually decides to join her on the drive to Malibu where Nathan and Farouk are waiting.

The two of them have fun while on their road trip, but Owen finds ways to detour and stop because he wants to spend more time with her. They talk about their past, and how things ended before Megan was captured. 

In flashbacks, Megan was excited about getting promoted to STRAT. She was top of her class, but she found out that someone else got it instead. She finds out that Owen interfered with her ability to move on because he didn't want her to pursue something so dangerous.

Megan heads to Nathan's barracks and when she finds an emerald necklace on the floor with his clothes, he tells her that it's what he got her to propose instead of a ring. She's excited and says yes and jumps all over him.

When they join Teddy and Owen in a chopper, they share the news. Teddy is suspicious when he sees the necklace. Later on, Teddy confronts Nathan about it. She recognizes it as belonging to another woman and tells him that the woman's initials are on the back. She tells him to be honest with Megan.

An attack happens. A woman is brought in with the soldiers and everyone is under the guise that she helped save them all. She only lets Megan take care of her. 

Nathan goes to tell Megan the truth and she thinks he's calling off the engagement because she cheated. They argue over the fact that they both cheated. When Megan calls Owen for permission to move her patient, she tells him that Nathan cheated and he needs to get away. He agrees. Teddy finds out that the woman was the real shooter, but it's too late to contact Megan. The woman looks at the gun and Megan.

Megan and Owen argue int he present about Owen being controlling. Owen admits that he wanted her to stick around because he had a certain vision. Megan calls him out on that and tells him that he needs to let go and be happy.

Nathan is trying to fix up their house. Farouk is trying to help. Farouk is very jittery and is dealing with culture shock. When Nathan is on the phone with a new hospital, Farouk takes off. Nathan tracks him down at a food cart where Farouk marvels at all the options.

Nathan texts Meredith when Farouk falls asleep and thanks her. Meredith is with a sleeping Zola texts back and thanks him too.

Megan, Farouk, and Nathan play on the beach together.

Owen heads home and he and Amelia agree that they're different people. They call things off.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5 Quotes

Nathan: It's not exactly a ring but...
Megan: Not a ring? Don't you dare do the thing unless you're going to do the thing.

He's got that vise grip so tight his testicles are about to fall off.