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Miranda and Ben take Tucker to school. Tucker prepares for his school presentation.

Ben tries to tell Miranda about how great he's doing in his training, but she doesn't pay attention. She tells him to drop her off at the Prysbeterian hospital, and she tells him that she has a meeting there.

When she goes inside, she interrupts a nurse talking to an irate patient. She tells the woman her name, who she is, and that she's having a heart attack.

The intern examining her tells her that everything checks out. She has to show him how to apply the LEDs properly. She then tells him to get the Chief at the hospital. 

The Chief comes and tells her that since her EKG checks out, she's fine. He refuses to believe that she is having a heart attack. He asks her about stress in her life instead. She reminds him that heart attack symptoms aren't the same in women as they are in men. She also reminds him that it's one of the leading causes of death in women and specifically in black women. 

He has her go through her medical history. When he finds out that she has OCD and is taking anti-depressants for it, he dismisses her again and sends in a Psychiatrist. She explains to the shrink that she's not having a mental issue, she is having a heart attack.

She calls Maggie and has her come to the hospital.

Maggie meets Richard there because he figured out something was wrong when Miranda took a sick day. She never takes sick days.

Miranda ends up having to revive her hospital roommate. Maggie and Richard find her just as she's doing that and passes out.

After her numbers are run again, it confirms that she is having a heart attack. Maggie goes off on the Chief, Maxwell. She wants to operate, but she isn't granted privileges at first. He wants to perform an invasive surgery instead of letting her do one that isn't. 

Richard finally talks him into letting Maggie operate. She does, but she lectures him the entire time because Miranda would have been dead if she didn't advocate for herself so hard.

Miranda has Richard call Ben. Ben literally drops everything and runs to the hospital. He waits with Richard and Catherine.

It's revealed in flashbacks that as a young child, Bailey's mother is super protective of her. It's because her parents lost their first-born to SIDS. Miranda's mother eventually lets her go so she can pursue her dream.

Ben starts to tell Miranda that he'll give up on being a firefighter, but she tells him that she has to let him pursue his dream.

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