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Alex and Jo head on a roadtrip to find his mother.

Amelia stays with Betty at home while she works through detox. 

Miranda, Webber, and Jackson try to find a reason to justify why they fired Roy.

Meredith speaks to the press who interrogate her about the foundation. Marie arrives at the hospital and distracts her.

Arizona, Maggie, and Andrew are on the case of a pregnant woman, Theresa who is a phobia of medical procedures. Her baby has spinal bifida.  

Alex stops in at the library to see his mother for the first time in years. She's happy to see him,and they hug.

Meredith sits at the bar with a guy who is there for her presentation.

Vik's brother and Vik agree that they'll drop everything if Vik is hired back and Bailey gives a formal apology. She does not want to give in to that so easily. 

Alex talks to his mother, and she tells him that her schizophrenia is manageable now. She says that it has gotten better with age, and her routine and medicine help her. He asks her why she never reached out to him when she got better, and she tells him that she figured he was busy. She sends him away because he's upsetting her, and she needs to be able to stick to her schedule and not get too riled up. 

Jo takes Alex away somewhere to blow off steam.

Arizona is still feeling like she has failed as a parent because Sophia has been suspended from school after stealing something. Her patient, Theresa, tries to check out of the hospital. 

Betty is going through detox and lashes out at Amelia trying to push her away, but Amelia doesn't take the bait. 

Webber reminds Bailey that he once operated knowingly under the influence. He tries to convince her that she should apologize, and she doesn't believe in fake apologies.

Arizona tells April that she read Sophia's diary, and Sophia stole the money to buy a plane ticket and go back to Callie. 

Meredith is enjoying spending time with the other doctor at the bar, but he is caught off guard and embarrassed when he finds out that she's Meredith Grey.

Arizona heads to her patient's house to help her. 

Jo takes Alex to the batting grounds to release some stress after his encounter with his mother. SHe doesn't know why he's so upset that he's better. He wants to know why she miraculously got better now when no one needs her anymore. He recounts how his entire life was spent taking care of her and the effects it had on him.

Arizona talks to Theresa about her past and overcoming her fears and losing her leg. She talks her into getting into the hospital for surgery. 

Avery spent the day signing checks for all the women and reading thinkpieces about himself. 

Betty disappears when Amelia thinks she's in the hospital.

The doctor Meredith is talking to wants to hate her because he was working on an abdominal surgery like the one Meredith did on Megan, but she beat him to it and got an award for it so he kind of hates her.

Bailey talks to Levi about the decision to fire Roy.

Jackson was able to set aside money for Harriet that he gives to April, but everything else is up for grabs and he's paying for it all out of his own pocket.

Meredith tells the other doctor that she's upset with Marie but she also sympathizes and understands her. She thinks her mother should have chosen her friend over the medicine.

Alex goes back to get a library card from his mother and tell her that he's proud of her and that it was hard for him seeing her like that, but he's really happy for her. He introduces her to Jo later. Jo invites her to the wedding, but Helen doesn't want to break her routine. 

Bailey lets Roy come back on a probation. 

Arizona seemingly ends things with Carina because she wants to do what's best for Sofia. She calls Callie to tell her that she wants Sofia to move back to New York, and she'll move back with her. 

Meredith addresses those in her presentation and tells them that Marie helped Ellis. She says she wants the method to be known as Grey Cerone. Marie tries to speak Meredith afterwards, but Meredith wanted nothing to do with her. 



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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 22 Quotes

Betty: Don't ignore me.
Amelia: I'm not ignoring you. I'm ignoring the demon.
Betty: What demon?
Amelia: Your last high.

Hellmouth: Any minute now she's going to figure out I am the love of her life.
Dahlia: Meredith Grey is straight.
Hellmouth: Ever hear her talk about Cristina Yang?