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Meredith finds out that the person who has the patent she needs died, and his daughter is being sent there instead. It turns out she knows the daughter as Auntie Marie. 

A rugby team enters the ER. They begin kicking a ball around while everyone is being tended to. The ball hits April as she stitching a patient's ear and it causes her to lop the ear off. DeLuca slips on the ear and hits his head and needs a CT. 

April is temporarily suspended after the incident. 

Amelia is sex deprived. She tells Maggie to invite Clive over for a family game night. The interns Hellmouth and Glasses hear about it and assume they're invited too. 

The patient with the missing ear and a heart condition teases Maggie about her chemistry with Avery.

Kimmy is feeling ill and wants marijuana to help her, but she's too young. Alex asks about it. 

The heart patient's father comes in and Bailey talks to him about her surgery and her ear. He tells her that he's a malpractice attorney.

Meredith's  Aunt Marie is her mother's old best friend. She talks about Meredith as a child. She doesn't want to give up the patent because it's mostly theorizing and nothing concrete about Meredith's idea. 

Kimmy lied to Alex about her grandmother suggesting weed. Alex got the approval, but Kimmy's grandmother fires him.

Maggie and Jackson talk about how great it is dating people who aren't doctors. Jackson is invited to the game night.

Amelia is turned on by Owen taking charge in the ER. 

Meredith shows Marie the rats growing livers and she's impressed. She mentions that Meredith is like her mother. 

The heart patient talks her father into not suing the hospital because she's tired of being on the sidelines. 

Amelia tells Bello to tell DeLuca that she is in love with him.

Carina and Arizona discover that Arizona's friend and the hospital obgyn has the highest rate of c-sections that could relate to deaths. 

DeLuca is recovering from his head trauma.

Jackson shows up at game night with his girlfriend Priya. It's awkward between Maggie and everyone. April shows up with alcohol and jokes about Jaggie being a thing.

Tom shows up at Game Night. Priya offers to sit out when there aren't enough people, but April tells her not to. 

Bello tells DeLuca that she loves him.

Richard tells Meredith that Marie and Ellis fell out a long time ago and that Marie hated Ellis. So now Marie has all of Meredith's ideas. 

April keeps blowing up at Game night. Clive's wife shows up and Maggie is shocked that he's married. April and Tom leave together. 

Jackson takes Priya home and breaks up with her. He returns to Meredith's house to confess his feelings to Maggie. They make out. 

Meredith flips out when she realizes she's been played. 

Kimmy's grandmother agrees to the marijuana and it helps Kimmy. 

Owen thanks Amelia for making everything easy when they parted ways. They agree to have sex together. 


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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 14 Quotes

Kimmy: I need you to get me some weed.
Alex: Excuse me?
Casey: She means marijuana.
Alex: I know what she means.

OK, I really miss sex, and this is not helping.