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April wakes up next to Roy and kicks him out. She's running late for work, but she doesn't seem to care. She's supposed to be putting up the rules and regulations for the medical competition the doctors are doing in the hospital. 

She arrives with messy hair and all explaining the rules.She wants them to write a paper in addition to other things. Meredith doesn't know what she's going to do her research on. 

Jackson wants his contest to be about his essentially making spray on skin. But Catherine introduces him to Dr. Velez, a transgender woman who wants to do an innovative vaginalplasty using a part of the body that protects the organs so that there can be sensation and can be a fully functional vagina. 

Jackson isn't introduced in working with his mother on the case, but Catherine is insistent that they work on this first. Jackson is working on his skin trial with the intern Dahlia, who appears to have a crush on him and tells him that he's attractive. 

Meredith's patient, Judy returns because she's still having issues after Meredith removed her spleen. Meredith discovers that the woman has grown multiple tiny little spleens.

Owen is working with Casey.

Richard takes Maggie to his salsa lessons because he wants to learn to dance to impress Catherine. She talks to him about the guy she has been dating and how much she has been missing her mother.

Bailey is using Levi to be her personal intern, running errands for her since she's on bedrest. 

Alex and Amelia's patient is a young singer. She has a tumor, but they can't remove it without causing her to lose her ability to speak.

April avoids Roy. She talks to Arizona about how she can't sleep without drinking wine at night. Arizona focuses on figuring out why the US has a higher rate of maternal death during childbirth than other developed nations. 

Meredith may have persuaded Jackson to take on the vaginoplasty project because of how significant the population of those affected are. 

Jo inspires Meredith to come up with a project in which she finds a way to grow livers. She's approved, but she doesn't put in for the patent for polymers.

Owen drops out of the contest.

Maggie talks about her new project with her date, Clive, but he doesn't seem to grasp it or her excitement.

Amelia and Alex get Sam and Andrew to look up new ways to help their patient, Kimmie, but they spend most of the time being distracted by other another. They don't find anything and when they do, they aren't approved for the project. They don't know if and when they'll be able to help Kimmie overcome her tumor and still be able to sing and talk coherently.

Meredith puts Jo's name on the study, and Jo choose to put Brooke down as her middle name. 

Arizona talks to April about a project that will help decrease death of women post labor. April feels guilty and admits that she's been drinking and having sex to get over Karen. Arizona wants to do the study so that what happened with Karen won't happen again. She asks Carina to work with her, and they kiss. 

Richard surprises Catherine with a dance for their anniversary. 

Jackson agrees to work with Velez and Catherine. 

Levi is working with Bailey on her own submission for the project. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 12 Quotes

Jackson Avery, you are such a disappointment. I thought you were woke!


Jackson: We made a rule.
Catherine: What rule?
Jackson: The rule that says you and I don't work together on genitalia because you have no filter.